How Get Your Customer Hooked To Your Product?

Have you ever think how marketing works or how commercial gets you to buy the product? Marketing is based completely on the human mind. We need to think how human mind reacts to our commercial. The main thing is to get the commercial remembered. It can be funny or even stupid if it remembered, the commercial has done its job.

Memory And Learning

I´m going to talk about two ways of getting the customer hooked to the product. The first way is to use memories. Depending on the product that will be advertised, we could use some nostalgic images. These could raise some meories from the past. For example Hopea Toffee candy. When Hopea Toffee came back, it probably did not arouse the feelings of the children of the 2000s, but for older people these candies brought back memories of their youth.


This following commercial, which was shown in Finnish TV, in the early 2000s, is a good example how commercial can affect to people´s lives. They started to use ”Elämä on” phrase in every day life. Even me!

Second way is learning. How will you use learning to get people to buy your product? In stores you might see a food/drink sampler, or food/drink tasteing. That way people will have a new food or drink experience. I have an experience of my own. I was at a store and there was somebody introducing a new yoghurt. I went there and i had to taste it, then i had to evaluate it. Then i received a chocolate bar as a prize. Compensation in such cases, makes customers come to test new products.

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2 Responses to How Get Your Customer Hooked To Your Product?

  1. veeraoi says:

    Oh dear I remember this DNA commercial. It was so funny at first but after a while when people started using the phrase “Elämä on” so often it got very annoying. I think DNA went way too far with the phrase printing it on every product they had and using it on every commercial. It was really efficient marketing but very annoying at the same time.

  2. M & S says:

    Yes, it is a stated fact that people tend to buy products that might bring “old good times” into their memory. I have reflected much on the strong motives behind buying, especially when it comes to people who are totally aware of all marketing tricks, and still buy a product. What drives them to this? Need? Self-fulfilling? Curiosity?

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