How to Teach Customers to Love Your Product?

Big brands have many faithful customers who you could call fans. Brands like Nike, Adidas and Apple have successfully become global and loved. Nike’s slogan ‘’just do it’’ is known widely and most people recognize the three stripes by Adidas. How did these brands get all those fans? Why do customers buy new Apple products time after time?

Let’s say that your product is completely new on the market. In this situation it really is important to teach a customer why he or she would love it. You can teach them how to use it by making ads with information and giving free samples. If your goal is to make them love your product it’s better to appeal to emotions than to rational thoughts. You need to find out your target group’s values and interest. After that, you can use the strategies of learning in advertising the product. Get your customers connect the product to the things that are important to them.

The knowledge of learning can be a good tool in marketing. For example, Volvo has a word ‘’safety’’ in all of its ads. That’s why people who haven’t even driven Volvo, think it’s a safe car. Repetition works because people learn by repeating things.

cocacolacompany                    freesamples

Marketers know that the segmentation of the target groups is important. Also, when it comes to making people love your product, it helps if you know their interest. Product needs to be wanted and perhaps even addictive. That’s one thing why cigarettes, alcohol products, drugs, energy drinks and all these bad things sell so well. On the other hand, healthiness can also affect to a success of a product. Some people can become addicted to sports.

I found an article with a bit radical headline ‘’ 10 Things You Can Learn About Business From a Drug Dealer’’ written by Mark Palmer ( It was fun and interesting. It’s true that when you want customers to love the product, you need to know your product and why it is so good. You must also create a need for your product. What makes it so addictive that customers want to buy it more? When you have convinced the customers to love your product, you don’t want them to go buy it from someone else. One thing that you can do is to start a business to a place where there aren’t other providers for the product.

When your product is as big and loved as Apple or Coca-Cola you have succeeded. At that point you still cannot stop. The world, fashion trends and competitors change fast so you need to change and grow fast as well.


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One Response to How to Teach Customers to Love Your Product?

  1. Henri-i says:

    It’s true that if you appeal to peoples needs and emotions in a positive way, you have a chance to become loved as a brand. Nike, Apple, etc. have achieved such position, but the side-effect always is a bunch of haters and critics.

    I think the bottom line in creating a fan base for a brand is that the company needs to create value for the customer and even the stakeholders. Value creation isn’t limited only to a great product but needs to happen in every level of customer-company communication. Value can be a function but also good customer service or a just a bit of information shared via Twitter or other communication channels.

    If this situation is achieved, then a customer will most likely become a fan – or as you said it – love the product.

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