Our journey to a strong self-image

You start creating and building your self-image from the day you are born. As a child everything is new; you want to taste and touch everything you see, and believe me even the dog poop on the floor looks fascinating. So parents for example have a big influence on our self-image. They are the first ones who put an example for us, and it is important for parents to think how they display the world to us.

I think a similar thing happens when you start building a company. Yes it is important to create something special and interesting that will draw in the customers, but the most important thing is to have positive expectations and really to believe in what you are about to do. What we think and what kind of expectations we have of ourselves determine our self-image. Self-image defines the mental image we have of ourselves, so if you believe that you can’t get in to an art school, you are not likely to do so. If you believe that your company will not be successful, chances are that it never will be.

Once a company has stumbled and rumbled on their way of creating a self-image and finally created a wanted one, it is time to find out what will draw in the customers. People in our society are quite simple; we buy what we see and want. Consumer behavior channels our buying habits, so it is important for marketers to adapt and improve their marketing campaigns and strategies to be more efficient reaching the consumers. For a company’s success, it is important to be aware of things, because for customers it is really easy to acquire new trends and put them into their lifestyle.

I think it is interesting how companies decide to start marketing their product and how they want to display themselves. It is important for companies to represent themselves truthfully and positively, even though sometimes no matter how strongly you believe in yourself it might not be always enough, because they are knowingly giving some kind of an example to consumers. It has a huge impact on consumers and vice versa, because you take easily in what you see. The sad thing is that it might not always be true, but it is essential to remove all the negative thoughts and restrictions you have placed on yourself. It all starts with a strong self-image.

One step at a time.

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One Response to Our journey to a strong self-image

  1. kialahti says:

    I like your text! And I agree with your thoughts. I think almost everything is about self-image and companys need to know that 🙂

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