Haven´t you been exposed?

My first blog text is about group influence and how that affects people and how it has affected me. When I was younger I was a cheerleader and the others in my team were older than me so I was exposed to group influence quite often. I remember when we were going to order shorts for our team and I chose light blue shorts when the others in my team chose black. When we got our shorts I felt like an outsider. I didn`t ever wear my light blue shorts because of the group influence. My team wore those black shorts in every competition so I wore other pair of black shorts because I wanted to belong to the team and didn`t want to be different.

Because of the group influence people don´t dare to be different from others or buy different things than others unless they are brave enough to be different and do things on their own way. I wasn`t brave enough, I wanted to be a part of the team so badly that I couldn`t wear my light blue shorts. That is quite sad because it wasn`t the clothes that defined who belongs to the team, I was part of the team just like everyone else but when we wore our team shorts I felt like an outsider. I should have realized that I wasn`t an outsider.

Companies use group influence for example in advertising, especially in TV-commercials. They try to identify people with the product in the commercial and people get a feeling that they might belong to some group if they buy the advertised product. For instance, in Upcider Get Up commercial, first there are only two people who have an Upcider drink but suddenly the group influence has affected the others and then there are a lot of people who have the same drink. This kind of advertising may cause group influence in those people who see the ad. There are also commercials where usually some woman uses beauty products and because of the product they look really beautiful so women who see that commercial may think that they become also beautiful if they buy that product. Sometimes companies succeed in spreading group influence and that´s why people buy their products. It has to be a really good commercial that people who see it will give in to group influence.
I think it is reasonable for companies to take advantage of group influence for example in their advertising to increase their cash flow. But it´s not good from the consumers´ point of view because people might have been exposed to that influence anyway and advertising worsens the pressure. I don`t give in to group influence anymore so badly even if I have noticed that I have bought for example Converse shoes like everyone else but I don`t feel like an outsider anymore if I don`t have the same things as my friends have. Now I could wear light blue shorts even if the others wore black shorts. All in all we could say that group influence is everywhere in commercials and advertising. Haven´t you been exposed?


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2 Responses to Haven´t you been exposed?

  1. heiniyliviitala says:

    I like your first blog! Your blog is easy to read and there are very good points! 🙂
    I agree that it is sad that nowadays people stare so much what the others put on! You are not you if you dress up like everybody else and don´t even like those clothes. It is great to be able to listen your own thoughts instead of others! Be strong and keep wearing those light blue shorts! 😀

  2. rozaomar says:

    What I loved about this blog post was that everyone can relate to it. Even the ones who deny that other people’s affect on them. The story about your light blue shorts is really touching because we all have been there. I insisted a Pony backpack in pre-school just because all of the other girls had one.

    I think It’s crazy how people don’t really seem to know about the pressures of group influences even though we all have experienced it. What makes it scary is that companies have figured it out and started using it to mark or gain consumers and you have a great example of that. Really love your point of view to the subject.

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