How kids turn to adults when they learn how to walk?

I was taking my dog out for a walk in my neighborhood when something caught my attention. A man was pushing a young girl and her little brother in a stroller, and the main point was the clothes that those kids were wearing. First I noticed that the boy wore Ray-Bans and a leather jacket and of course the kid had also converse shoes and fitted jeans. Then I watched the girl handing over the iPad mini to his brother to watch how she got a new score in some game. That baby girl had little princess shoes, pink furry jacket and quite a long white hair.
I started thinking what my generation had when we were in a stroller. Kuoma boots, overall suits and beanies that were knitted by grandma. How on earth have kids started looking adults so young? The RUUM American kid`s wear blog has listed the newest trends of kids clothes and I bet that big denim store chains have their hands in that blog. Kids and their parents are, I think, the easiest consumers to get fuzzed with new trends. When parents come to get their kids from a kindergarten and they see that the kid next door is wearing new trendy clothes they have to go and buy new clothes for their kids also. I’m not saying that it is wrong that kids look cool, but I’m not sure that if it is their own choice. Parents dress their kids as they personally like and how the latest trend defines. Parents are materialistic and they teach their kids to appreciate outside beauty more than inside beauty.

trfhtht(c) Melissa Magsaysay Jan. 30, 2013

I found a very interesting article about the topic from Today Style NBC News “”Too stylish, too soon? Kid fashion blogs draw critics“(Melissa Magsaysay Jan. 30, 2013) The author, Melissa Magsaysay, is telling fashion bloggers to be aware of this new emerging trend:” Blogs that feature toddlers dressed to the nines are gaining popularity for posting images of kids wearing everything from hipster skinny jeans to print-on-print ensembles and frilly hair accessories. Perhaps inspired by the popularity of celebrity children donning mini-me designer duds, several Tumblr sites such as Heart & Habit, Children with Swag and the recently launched Lady’s & Gents featured tots styled to look like they’ve just walked out of a catalog.” Melissa`s writing launched big online debating where parents were saying things like: “The kids are adorable, but I agree that it sends the wrong message to dress them up in overpriced clothes and take photos of them.” The debate basically goes around that same question “is it right to dress up your kid like an adult?”
There are lots of ethical questions related to how these new trends are marketed to kids. We all know how easy it is to get kids want something so bad. Do you think that it is fair to have big marketing campaigns and blogs about kid’s denim clothing? In Magsaysay`s article it is said that Cindy Crawford`s 10-year-old daughter appears in a Versace ad campaign. A 10-year-old girl posing to get hyper fashion sold? And do you think that it is economically sustainable when parents don`t anymore buy clothes secondhand that are getting small in a speed of light? I would like to have a conversation with parents that have kids aged 2-13 years old to get some info on what they think about this new trend because I don’t personally have any posterity. Everyone is also free to take part in the debate, so please leave your comment below.

ttu(c) Melissa Magsaysay Jan. 30, 2013

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4 Responses to How kids turn to adults when they learn how to walk?

  1. eetukukkonen says:

    Nice post bro! I have noticed the same thing and don’t know what to say. The youngsters are driven by the trends younger and younger.

  2. Henri-i says:

    This certainly is an interesting topic to talk about. It’s a question of the clothing companies finding new markets and making more money and on the other hand about moral and whats right and wrong.

    Here are some thoughts I had about the subject:
    – Are the parents using their children to boost their own ego and status by putting them in fashionable clothes
    – How much pressure comes from the other kids who wear “higher-end” clothing than others? Or is that happening at all before 1st grade.
    – And how much pressure is coming from other parents?

    To say that parents are materialistic to begin with is a bit of a generalization but it is true, that parents teach the values they uphold to their children in one way or another. Modesty in all things would be again a great code to follow here. Sure a parent can buy some new and cool looking jackets or other clothing to his/hers children, but it doesn’t mean everything should be new and high-end all the time.

  3. katjauusitalo says:

    That was an awesome text! I think that those kids are cute when they wear cool clothes but it does not make any sense that some 10-year-old girl appears in a Versace ad campaign. But I definitely agree with you that it`s not children`s own choice to wear those cool clothes, they wear it because their parents are maybe a bit materialistic. But still I can`t help it that the children in those pictures are so cute 🙂

  4. samiviberg says:

    I know one modelmom who have a little daughter. That mom posts pictures and status updates on Facebook of how she’s little girl is trying to be like mom by wearing mom’s high heels and other clothes and trying to be so “adult”. It’s scary how this modelmom is so proud of her daughter, when she is doing things like this. It’s clear that this mom is her daughter’s rolemodel and her daughter is so young, that she don’t need to be like her mom, tart up model. Other thing is, do parents even think about that maybe their kids can get bullied because of their clothes? Or that they may be made the appearance of the pressure in daycare or in the school between childrens. Anyway you have a good and topical point in this blog. PS. I can remember that helmet hat (or what ever) when I was just a child. In those times parents dressed child’s in comfortable and warm clothes, no matter how larva he/she looked..

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