I am never going to wear that piece of clothing.. Or am I?

Self-image and lifestyle affect to our buying decision. People with bad self-confidence follow those who have strong self-confidence. For example, one celebrity buys an expensive bag which looks funny. The first impression is that how can she use a bag like that? Next month you catch yourself craving for that same bag.

This spring I read a blog post of a famous Finnish fashion blogger. Actually I just glanzed it through. The title was Today’s Outfit and she had dozens of pictures of herself wearing a black top, golden shorts and socks with sandals. Yes, you read correctly, socks with sandals. I just laughed, is she seriously wearing that? Yesterday I saw the same kind of outfit, socks with sandals, and I didn’t even notice anything odd. Next summer I am probably wearing the same combination of socks and sandals, even though right now I hope I won’t.

So next summer I will wear socks with sandals and use a horrible bag just because of the dominant trend. Especially women tend to make their buying decisions based on trends and emotions. But we can’t generalise, because no one is affected in the same way. People have different lifestyles. I have a friend who goes shopping at least 2 times a week and the other friend goes maybe once a month. Who do you think is more affected while making buying decisions?

What about businesses then? Next month the bag sales increase dramatically. All the sandals which Olivia Palermo wore last month when visiting New York are sold out. A high school student uses Zara jeans and all of her friends want to buy the same jeans. You read from the newspaper that you should eat one Finnish cucumber a day so you don’t catch a flu, so almost every Finnish person will buy at least one cucumber. If businesses and the stores are not ready, they run out of the goods. And we all know that consumers will not be happy with that. They will change the store and maybe even write an angry feedback on their Facebook page. And everybody will know how poorly the business was prepared.

 The hardest thing is to predict how much the lovely Zara jeans are going to sell. And if they are sold out, how long is it going to take to get more of them? And what if you predict wrong? The business orders 2000 pieces of skirt which are predicted to be popular, and nobody will buy those. They will make a great loss.

How can we be prepared enough? That is the question every business manager needs to think of.

Photo source: http://annabrones.com/2009/11/06/brooklyn-fare-smart-and-funny-branding/

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