“Yellow shoes”

The history of this American manufacturer of footwear began in 1952. The founder : Nathan Schwartz, born in Odessa and emigrated with his parents to the US just before the outbreak of the First World War. For a long time he continued the family tradition, he worked as a shoemaker. However, unlike their ancestors,such a role didn’t suit him, he wanted more. Therefore Nathan always set aside money and waited for a successful moment. In 50s, he decided and bought half of the shares of a certain not well-known company – The Abington Shoe Company.


Things had gone pretty well and, 3 years later, he buys the remaining shares, becoming the full owner of the Abington Shoe Company. By the time he has helped his sons. But that was not enough for Nathan, he wanted his company not only remained one of the sets, but also became known in the world. But a desire is not enough, it still requires hard work, unusual ideas and a certain share of luck. And the opportunity presented itself in 1965, when it was invented new technology.

By the way, the first shoes by using new technology, were yellow. The official legend: them specially made so, such strong color, you supposed to see all their dignity. One pair of these shoes is now stored at the London Design Museum. Played yellow and another useful role – the products have become recognizable, which is important.


Men Timberland Premium Waterproof Boots 060

In 1973 – the birth of a new brand. In 1978, due to the increasing popularity of the brand, it was decided to rename the company to The Timberland Company. In 1988 appeared the first clothing from Timberland, which was very favorably received by the public. Initially only men’s collections, and then, after a couple of years, beautiful women collection. In 1996 he began to establish children’s collections.

Nowadays, company stores Timberland, the number of which have long exceeded one thousand, you can meet all around the world. Also widely scattered and production capacity. Over the past few years has been absorbed some well-known brands – Howies, iPatch, SmartWool, Mion and GoLite. As for the old name of the company, then called Abington -> now, it is the name for one of the collections of shoes Timberland.


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3 Responses to “Yellow shoes”

  1. Olivia Chudik says:

    Great idea to have chosen Timberland! I actually did not know the story behind the brand and I must say that it was pretty interesting and also well written.
    It is always good to get to know where did brand ideas come from, and how their owner made it grow. As Nathan Schwartz did, he first started with one product, and step by step developed a variety of shoes and clothing, which is now definitely a success.
    Well done!

  2. raphaelverma says:

    Do you think that changing the name from Abington to Timberland was necessary in developing and building the brand?

  3. henriin says:

    I liked your post. It was so nice to know these things as I use those kind of timberlands and I had no idea that those shoes have so strong story behind. Thanks so much!

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