Brands need faces too

cristiano ronaldo free kick photo: Cristiano Ronaldo 2971071026-27072009071942.jpg

Football player Cristiano Ronaldo

Who is it in the photo? Stupid question, he’s footballer Cristiano Ronaldo as it says so below the picture. Yes he plays football, but according to Dailymail he earns more income with sponsors rather than with his Real Madrid salaries. Besides being a professional footballer Ronaldo is a brand ambassador.

There’s no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo has fans who idolize him and adore his abilities on the pitch. Companies can use this affection to their benefit. With Ronaldo linked to their products/services it makes the company more approachable and their brand image valued higher. Still do you have to be world-class footballer to become a brand ambassador?

No you don’t! Most of the brand ambassadors are just regular people. It’s also important for companies to realize this. Their own employees are their brand faces on the everyday basis. On the article Obtaining employee commitment to living the brand of the organisation G. Boyd and M. Sutherland will demonstrate the importance of employee commitment to the brand. When the employees are “living the brand” it can translate into higher sales and increased profits. How to obtain this commitment?

First the company has to sell the brand to the employees. When the employees become committed and motivated  they can exceed themselves. For example enthusiasm towards the brand can improve the customer service of the company. Certainly Ronaldo can make your company more approachable, but what if the service is poor? The customer won’t return and after all Ronaldo might do the same. He also has to consider with whom he’s associated to. In a conclusion passionate employees will enable sustainable brand building. They will perform better, but also they might stay longer within the company. This lowers the hiring costs and adds more experience inside the company as the old-timers share their knowledge. Clearly there’s no explicit downside to this. It will take efforts, but it’s going to reward both the employees and the customers. How can the employers sell the brand to employees and get them committed to it? Comment below!

“Employee branding is a way human resource managers can assist in differentiating the company and its products, and increasing the value of brands.” – G. Boyd & M. Sutherland

Screenshot 2015-03-07 12.13.48

Start from the ground up with your own employees


G. Boyd & M. Sutherland, Obtaining employee commitment to living the brand of the organisation, 2005

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2 Responses to Brands need faces too

  1. ellamarih says:

    I had to comment this post when I saw Ronaldo’s picture haha. 😀 Ronaldo is definately a great brand ambassador, he’s famous, good looking and has an amazing talent with football. But it’s true that you don’t have to world-class footballer to become a brand ambassador. Many people in companies don’t probably realize that one of the most important things are passionate employees who lives the brand. Like you said, commitment to the brand and enthusiasm towards the brand can improve the customer service. But how can the employers sell the brand to employees and get them committed to it? It’s a tough question, but I think that most important thing is to have good motivators and bonus for employees, Also team spirit has to be really good. When you enjoy working you get more passionate and committed to the brand also. 🙂

  2. jeremyterrier says:

    Very interesting post! I never realize that ambassadors as Ronaldo are influencing also employees. I though that engaging a “star” was more to encourage customer and increased brand loyalty which they identify themselves to him. But as you said, it also interested in the other side, employers can use the image of Ronaldo to hire and touch new kind of employees.
    Companies also have to be careful with there ambassador and what they do, and as you said with who they are. Imagine that Nike has engaged Maradona, at the beginning of he career he could have given a such good image but after and we became a drug addict, imaging the consequences that could echo on the brand image.
    Well, I think that ambassadors are in general a good tools for engaging consumer and as you said, also employee. It give a motivation to them.

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