Yves Rocher & the definition of customers’ loyalty.

In 1959, a French men decided to create a natural cosmetics company after his name: Yves Rocher. From the very beginning of the business, he put nature as his core value, and developed a smart and healthy strategy. By cultivating his own harvest, producing in his own factory, and selling in his own stores, the quality of every product was certain and the brand was able to offer anyone natural and healthy cosmetics at a fair price. Yves Rocher was a complete success, and still is with more than 1700 shops worldwide attended by its daily loyal customers. Last year, French people elected it as their second preferred brand after “Picard” (frozen dishes).

Yves Rocher Branding

We can explain this success by one strategy that Yves Rocher defined very well: Brand Loyalty. First of all, its products are produced in respect of nature and health, for the well-being of people. When women decide to choose Yves Rocher instead of another brand, it is because they are either concerned about their health, or Earth, or both. By communicating this concept using various methods, Yves Rocher touched the target in its pure center.

First goal? Attract people to their stores. Yves Rocher has a very wide variety of products that can answer the needs of the whole family model. Moreover, they have aesthetic care centers and skilled people that can help and take care of any woman that wants to relax for a manicure or massage. Their key strategy is their loyalty program, which offers great sales all year long on any product or else. When going to their stores instead of shopping online, your loyalty points are doubled! And, their monthly cards and emails are here to remind you that a gift is waiting for you at the shop!

Magasin Yves Rocher

It can feel intrusive when receiving too many emails, but, again, Yves Rocher has developed a personalized loyalty program, which means that only the potential products that match your profile will be offered to you. No loss of time for you, neither for them. Their smiling, caring, and listening employees will welcome you anytime to assist you and develop this idea of relationship with the brand, and make you come back.

This family company has developed, from a single idea of producing face cream, a story of sustainable development for the beauty and health of every women worldwide. They created a unique and innovative cosmetics company without forgetting their main strength: their loyal customers.





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2 Responses to Yves Rocher & the definition of customers’ loyalty.

  1. lassilaukkarinen says:

    Doubling the loyalty points you get for shopping in their store is ingenious. That combined with services they offer that you can’t really buy online is a good way to get some extra business. It also leaves a stronger mental imprint on the customer to visit the shop in person than just shop online. They really have thought this customer loyalty thing through!

  2. [G.] says:

    Well, Yves is right when using the strategy of Brand Loyalty. However, I just wonder if it takes effect, for example in Finland. Many of my friends use Yves Rocher products, but most of them buy it online since they said that there are a lot more promotions form there and free shipping with big orders. Also some finds it take time to get to Yves store in Helsinki because of low store density. It is likely that the Finnish natural cosmetic market is quite saturated with brands like The Body Shop, Lush and Lumene that Yves has to do something new!

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