Brand Awareness, an indication of advertising effectiveness

A quick introduction


The exact definition of brand awareness is ; “The likelihood that consumers recognize the existence and availability of a company’s product or service. Creating brand awareness is one of the key steps in promoting a product.” (Investopedia)

A brand is the meaning behind the logo, the name, slogans and so on of your company. Brand awareness is a measure of how well your brand is known within its target markets : having a unique and memorable brand helps you to create a long-term position in the marketplace.


The role of brand awareness

Rossiter and Percy suggested in 1987 that brand awareness is one of the most important part of the communications process, as it happen before all the other steps in the process. So we can easily deduct that with no brand awareness, there is no other communication. To get consumer buying your brand, they first must be aware of it : it passes through brand awareness in the first place. (Rossiter & Percy 1987 ; Rossiter et al. 1991).


Brand awareness in decision making


Brand awareness plays a crucial role in determining the consideration set : the small set of brands which a consumer gives serious attention when making a purchase. A brand that is not considered cannot be chosen. A study showed that increases in brand awareness were shown to increase the probability of choice even without any accompanying change in attitude or perceptions.

Brand awareness can also affect decisions about brands within the consideration set. Consumers may employ a decision rule to buy only familiar and well-established brands.

Brand awareness enhances perceived quality. In a study, it was shown that over 71% of consumers selected a known brand of peanut butter from among a choice of three, even though another brand was “objectively” better quality, and even though they had neither bought or used the brand before.


How does brand awareness benefit the Marketing Manager?

With all I explained before, brand awareness should be an important goal of the marketing communications efforts of a firm as it has a number of important functions : with no brand awareness occurring, brand attitude and brand image cannot be formed.

However, this is really difficult to show the effectiveness of brand brand awareness to managers. Indeed, enormous pressure exists inside firms, and manager are asked short-term profit results.

To sum up..

.. it is well acknowledged that brand awareness is an important part in the success of a given brand. Unfortunately, brand awareness is not always recognized at its proper value, and sometimes misunderstood. As it is really difficult to measure the exact outcome brand awareness brings to a given company, it is hard to managers to take it into account.


Source :

Management Perceptions of the Importance of Brand Awareness as an Indication of Advertising Effectiveness – Emma Macdonald and Bryon Sharp


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3 Responses to Brand Awareness, an indication of advertising effectiveness

  1. hikarihamada says:

    It was easy to understand and the it is good to use useful image to explain this topic.

  2. charlesrupin says:

    Very good topic with a lot of theory and some statistics supporting your words !

    You perfectly summarized the importance of brand awareness today for both sides: customers and marketers. Indeed, I think like you that this is a two-sides impact.

    Brand awareness represents a real competitive advantage. Indeed, in a consumer’s mind, for a particular product, there is a ladder where brands are ranked, if you are the first one, no matter if your product is better more expensive than competitors, the consumer will first, think about your brand, because you appealed him.

    To my mind, brand awareness represents the first steps of customer engagement, this is why it’s important to display a good image to the targeted market.

  3. myriameliott says:

    I think that branding is way too often mistaken with proper marketing. Of course, it is part of it, and completary but branding needs to grow up as a proper brand of business. Now, most of the companies have a good marketing strategy but a poor branding. Being aware of your brand is the only way for a company to overcome the market in my opinion.
    Thank you for your great blogpost on this interesting topic.

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