Branding for design

Do you ever think what design is? Or what basic designing is? All of our everyday products are designed by someone. All of them. Think of cereal box, TV or whiskey bottle. All of those have someone who has thought what they should look like or what is that “it-factor” that makes that product the best on the market. It can be the price or it can be the brand that made the product. Anyway someone has designed it.

Let’s focus on products which have a huge brand behind them like Apple, Nike or Alessi.alessi These brands have lot of fame and almost everybody know them. Apple makes electronics, Nike sports gear and Alessi is an Italian Design company which focuses on designing kitchen tools like bottle opener and serving boll

If you think what kind of power a brand can give to a product think, for example, of Nike’s sneakers. They are colorful and they have a great soul as well as Brookse’s sneakers but still, Nike sells more. Why? Because of the brand.

Cheapest-Top-Design-Nike-Flyknit-Racer-Unisex-Black-Red-Running-Shoes-Outlet-Online-2476Nike is known for its quality and that’s for the reason people are willing to pay more money for those sneakers. Same goes for allof products that are made by powerful brands. Apple computer can cost double a normal PC’s price but people still buy Mac because they believe it is better than other PC. But is that true? Is it that so, only brand product can be good? How about starting brands? How can they grow to become successful if people do not buy their products?

Apple_Macbook_Pro_15_35781448-4067Brand can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing. How often have you seen an Apple product that is innovative and totally new and with a totally new design. Like a wood or eco-plastic? Apple cannot makes that kind of products because their brand is aluminum-based. So in a way, that super brand is confining new innovations.


“Consumers’ Trust in a Brand and the Link to Brand Loyalty” by Geok Theng Lau, Sook Han Lee

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One Response to Branding for design

  1. arcticminded says:

    Informative post on the correlation between brand names and the design that comes of certain brands. Your arguement is very true. People expect a certain something from brands that they have previously acknowledged. Apple produces products that are always very sleek in design, and when another company comes around and creates a product that looks similar (performance put aside) people will certainly make assumptions that they are copying Apple design. Lidl has been an interesting brand in my opinion, as they are currently trying to reinvent themselves. They have previously been known as the go-to for cheap product, but are now trying to concentrate on variety and quality (freshness if you may) as a key selling factor.

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