Branding in a sustainable environment

Nowadays, the concept of sustainability is something that everyone has at least heard once. Indeed, since a few years, we can see it on many products or service like electric cars, recycled and reusable items… It is now part of our lives. This trend appeared some while ago when the world realized how big and serious were our environmental issues: pollution of air and water, waste, green gas effects, global warming, etc.

sustainability-smallerThe environment is now one of our primary priorities and many companies are now “turning green”. In other word, we can definitely say that the idea of a better and greener world influences companies to review this concept into their corporate systems. They cannot act like they have always done it in the past and a change must me applied.

sustainabilityTherefore, the company has to modify or review its brand strategy in order to join the sustainable movement. This can be realized through many marketing application like: communication of sustainable efforts and their outcomes in advertisements, products packaging, writing corporate sustainable report to inform customers and suppliers, promotion… This way it will certainly bring some recognition to the brand and appeal clients that are concerned. The company can grant a great competitive advantage due to the increase of sustainable brands on the market. I would think that a company overlooking the importance of sustainability is a company that will definitely fail within few years. The customers needs have changed and some characteristics are now essential to the purchase: the provenance, the conditions of work, the chemical products, the ingredients, the rate of pollution, etc. By becoming more responsible, the brand value will certainly increase its performance and the way customers see it. For instance, many clothes brands are opening a sustainable branch. The case of H&M is interesting. This brand was known as to have really bad work conditions around the world and the quality of their clothes was not good at all. Somehow, they decided to create “H&M Conscious” where they product in a more ethical way.


“At H&M, we have set ourselves the challenge of ultimately making fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable.”

Karl-Johan Persson, CEO

An expression that I found really relevant in the article was “ sustainability is a passport to a secure future”. It shows how humanity needs this change of behavior and how companies must follow this path in order to stay competitive.


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6 Responses to Branding in a sustainable environment

  1. clementrigaudeau says:

    Great Topic.

    Firstly i think that it’s hard today to differenciate companies which really want to be involved in an environmental and sustainable development than others which are doing green washing. It is the case in France of the airplane company Air France. We know that this industry provokes a lot of air pollution and they are actually building their strategy by “green” advertising which is ridiculous.
    We can also ask this question for H&M which is a low-cost producer which has its production factories mainly in Asia?

  2. ” Turning green”, what a good expression! I instantly think about Mc Donald, the logo was red at first and then, to change the picture of the brand, it turned green. Mc Donald had (and still has) a bad reputation about products quality. It was a way for them to say, ” we care about the environment, our brand is healthy and good”. Even the way that the brand sells the burgers is different today, because the customers’ expectations changed as well. It’s incredible how the sustainable environment affected brands the last couple years. Even few years ago, no many people cared about it, but today it’s primordial. I think it’s really important because we only have one planet.

  3. lucianijdam2015 says:

    Very nice topic! Nowadays sustainability has become a part of our lives, worldwide people tend to become increasingly aware of sustainability and find it very important. People do now really care whether products are produced in a sustainable manner or not. Because of this change of view, sustainability has become very important for brands as well. When a brand has a bad reputation due to high pollution within its production processes for example this can effect the brand’s image negatively. I think it is really important that brands consider the importance of sustainability and I totally agree with your point of view that when a company overlooks the importance of sustainability it will be likely to fail within a few years.

  4. charlesrupin says:

    Good topic that perfectly fits in today’s trend and an issue that concerns everyone !

    I totally agree to that article. For me, “turning green” for companies, as you call it, represents the presages of our tomorrow’s world. If big brands show the way to go, people will follow.

    Indeed, the impact of such actions has several impacts as you highlighted them. In a world where competitiveness remains the biggest issue for companies, having a sustainable competitive advantage is the biggest key to success. Adopting a responsible and environmental-friendly policy allows the brand to distinguish itself from other competitors and represents that competitive advantage.

    As a matter of fact, consumers today are aware of those issues, appealing and engage them by being responsible is understanding their wishes. You example of H&M perfectly illustrate what I just said, this brand known for having labor issues in their producing countries inverted what people thought of them.

  5. jeremyterrier says:

    Interesting topics, and it’s sound good to know that there is more and more companies which start to respect the environment.
    As you perfectly said, now sustainability and environment concern everybody even companies. In the future, our generation has to face the planet issue, and make the best we can to protect our environment and treat the earth in the best way as she treats us.
    But a question come to my mind, for example electric car required Lithium battery but the production of those batteries does it pollute more? Because if it’s proof, that will affect the efficiency of electric car. We also have to think about the electricity that we will put in our car. It’s could be better if this electricity come from a sustainable production.
    Well, I think we have to move fast and change moral. Finding new technologies will also represent a big amount of money but it doesn’t cost earth life.

  6. pao56 says:

    Hi! Yeah it’s a good topic. I think people start to realize the importance of the sustainable concept. In fact today our world change because of the pollution, the mass production, the animals and plants gone, oceans and forest emptied, etc.
    The fact that companies change is a great thing, unfortunately many of them change for keep their customers and give a good image.
    Moreover, client wants to know the origin of the product, how it have been manufactured, the quality of raw material etc.
    However, there are always some brand which to clear itself of any responsibility. I have as example Nike “We don’t produce shoes”, true on the technical plan but give a problem on the ethical plan.
    To finish, I think customers can identify itself at a brand, especially a young consumers, so it’s important for a brand to show a good and responsible image. In addition, it’s important for our planet to change our patterns of consumptions and production.

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