Design and Branding, a perfect mix.

As the world has become more global and competitive since the last decades, branding as emerged as a critical strategic advantage to give companies the possibility to differentiate themselves from competitors. In order to build their brand, companies have to focus on how designing brand management.

So what’s a design brand management?

Design play an important role in creating coherence within the portfolio of meaning of the brand. In other words, design is a part of your brand management as it’s a tool for creating intense, integrated brand experience. It’s a direct link between your company and your consumers which will create coherence between your product and the brand.

Brand design management model (Journal of Marketing management)

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How to incorporate a brand design management in your company?

Beforehand, managers have to understand that design must be part of your firm’s business strategy, it has to involve from the first step of the new product development (NPD) process, and should definitively reflect the philosophy of your organization.

Taking in account a research funded by the Spanish Federation of Promotion Design Agencies on conducting 28 Spanish companies, I will highlight the five main activities of Tidd, Bessant, and Pavitt’s innovation management model.

It’s important for companies to incorporate and manage a design process in an efficient manner as it will give a story and a strong brand image to your company. In all 28 analyzed companies, design is part implicitly or explicitly of their business strategy. We could only see a difference from younger and older companies as older companies incorporated design into their business and not from their creation.

In my opinion, one of the most important activities, concept generation is used for the NPD process, it can be define as the process consisting of analyzing the way that design can be involved in all areas of your company. Considering as crucial for all firms analyzed, they, in general relate marketing and design together. Key point of success is to clearly and closely know your customers and your competitors in order to design something which respond to the need of your future consumers. The research as shown that larger firm, knowing this important process, have an organized structured system for idea development in order to make it profitable.

As a definition, design strategy consists of analyzing design’s role within the business, NPD, and branding strategy of the firm. Most of the firm analyzed place their brand before their product. They know that designing and create a story to your brand will be an efficient way to create valuable product. It highlight the fact that design is a key part in order to differentiate yourselves from other competitors.

Serves to define how design resources are managed and how internal and external design are used, resources depends of the size of the firm. Larger companies invest a larger amount of money in R&D as they know the importance of being competitive in the market. Closer companies focus on an internal design team as they don’t have enough resources for an external one. They tried to interact as much as possible with their customers.
Last but not least, the outcome of design is considered to be innovation that enables firms to differentiate from their competitors. All of the firms analyzed have implemented design into their corporate management and also to their culture. Design has to be communicate internally and externally in order to create a perfect environment to your product and affect the brand vision.

As a manager, you won’t be able to create a perfect branding management if you forget to focus on designing your brand. Design a story and personify the brand will give a strong link between you, your competitors and most important your customers.

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One Response to Design and Branding, a perfect mix.

  1. henaheii says:

    Design is very important when it comes to branding and I also agree that every piece of design must be inline under the brands umbrella. I think some companies fail to realize this, which will hurt the brand. They could take example from Apple. Every Apple macbook is inline with the others. Today the buttons are black and the rest is metal colored. Moreover even every smaller detail is inline. This creates long term brand building.

    As a writer you could focus on the writing. Try to make the text more fluent and be more argumentative. I would advice you to read and write more blogs in order to improve your writing. If you want any tips let me know!

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