Don’t Lose Your Consumers

Even if there are brands that are in fashion now, many of them decline in popularity in a few years. However, on the other hand, there are some brands that always being popular. Why? How can they keep their popularity? Unknown There are 7 factors of brand loyalty. Brand Name Brand is one of the most important factors because the name gives people the brand image. Brand names that are famous among customers can disseminate product benefits and this leads to higher recall of advertised benefits of the product than those that are not (Malinowska-Olszowy, 2005). If the name have impact, interest, information and impression, it is possible to have more benefits. Price Consumers with high brand loyalty are less price-sensitive and willing to pay premium price for their favored brand (Cadogan and Foster, 2000). This means low price is not always important. If consumers like the brand, they tend to buy the product even if it is expensive and there are similar products in other brands in lower cost. Product Quality Mostly consumers may buy a brand or different brand because of the quality of the product. If the quality were low, consumers would not buy products of the brand. Because consumers know the brand has a good quality, they continue buying products of the brand. Style Style is the visual book, which includes, silhouette, line and details affecting consumer’s perception towards a brand (Frings, 2005; and Swinker and Hines, 2007). Fashionable style, such as design and color, always make people desire to buy.  Store Environment Omar (1999) emphasized that store environment was the single most important factor in retail marketing success and their longevity. As you know, it is important to being cleaned and display nicely. Besides, if store is unique and attract but makes people comfortable, more people will visit and become their favorite place. Promotion Through advertisement, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity, a company promotes and communicates about its product and brands in the market and influences the consumer’s viewpoint and attitudes towards products and brands (Evans et al., 1996). If the advertisement is effective, more consumers will be attracted and easy to become brand loyalty. Service Quality We can say that service quality is personal selling and involves direct relation between a seller and a potential buyer. Of course, many consumers prefer a brand that has good quality on service and pay attention the brand service. Service quality that people judge includes attitude towards taking care of customers, amenity for clients and after care. Consumers decide brand loyalty and brand loyalty is very important not to make them to move to other brands. One the brand is trusted and earns brand loyalty, it is easy to keep brand loyalty. Source: The Impact of Brand Loyalty on Consumers’ Sportswear Brand Purchase, 2014. [Online] Available at: <;  [Accessed 6 March, 2015]

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