I just love it

Can people fall in love with brands? People like some brands and dislike others, that’s for sure. But have you ever really loved a brand? Do you love the apple on your phone or the blue wrapping paper on your chocolate bar? Are you willing to pay more or travel some distance to get the right product?

The loved brand can be something you buy, like a soft drink or a phone, but it can also be something else. It might be a sports team: in Helsinki region we are traditionally divided in two groups, the HIFK fans and the Jokeri lovers. It might also be a band ar an artist. These gather huge crowds and people don’t even realize: they are in love with a brand invented by marketing specialists!

How to make your brand lovable then? Rajeev Batra, Aaron Ahuvia, & Richard P. Bagozzi tell in their article “Brand love” (2012) about their reseach on the issue. They say that the key components of a loved brand are:

1. Linkages to strongly held values

2. Possibility to use the brand to express both current and desired self-identity

3. Positive affect

4. A sense of rightness and a feeling of passion, an emotional bond

5. Investments of time and money

6. Frequent thought and use and length of use.

Do you recognise yourself and your relationship to some particular brand? I know I do: I love Coca Cola, always have and always will. I actually think many of us do love the Coca Cola brand. I think it tastes better than Pepsi but I’m not sure if it’s really the taste or just effective branding. I really feel that the Coke bottle in my hand sends a certain kind of message about who I am and what are my values.

What do you think? Do you love a brand? Is brand love a remarkable aspect of the future marketing and branding strategies? Or is it just overrated and stupid?

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5 Responses to I just love it

  1. clementrigaudeau says:

    That’s a question that i never asked myself.

    I think that, yes I can say that I’m in love with One brand and this brand is Vans, for the shoes. This brand means summer, surf, california, holidays to me. IT means paradise. I always bought Vans shoes because they are for me the only one that represents what I love. From the age of 10 maybe I cannot stop to buy these shoes. Everytime I’m saying that I will change but in front of all the shoes there’s only Vans’ shoes that I will choose, for sure.

    • ronja says:

      I know how you feel! It’s not exactly the shoes you love but what they represent! I think Momondo, the website where you can compare flight ticket prices, has had the same effect on me: their tv ads show all the wonderful places I could go and those images make me think I want to travel everywhere in the world! So I go to Momondo.com and try to find some cheap flights, no matter where, really, anywhere is good because they have made me feel that all the places are amazing 😀

  2. saskiaschlegel says:

    I guess you’re totally right – everybody has a certain brand he/she loves and always prefers over another one.

    I personally don’t see myself as a brand addicted person. I usually don’t really care whether this product is belonging to a certain brand or not, as long as I like the product itself. But there’s one exception… Canon. As I love to take pictures of nearly everything, I totally fell in love with my Canon DSLR camera. I mean I would always prefer a Canon camera over a Nikon or something else. I have several different lenses and filters, all of them are from Canon. Not a single low-cost product.

    Probably that’s a kind of strange addiction but I definitely agree with your post.

  3. dianasayapina says:

    When I read your post, I could imagine those people who really fall in love with one particular brand and stay loyal to it. In my opinion, there i nothing wrong to be a little bit obsessed with something that is important and valuable for a particular person.
    As for me, I couldn’t say that I am in love with one brand and I am loyal and follow the latest updates. I don’t choose a specific brand, I choose a type of product. If I really like the concept of it, design, style , taste, smell and etc. The characteristics vary of the type of the product. As for myself, I don’t want to devote myself to some particular brand and be associated with it.
    However, as I have already mentioned, there is nothing wrong to be dedicated to some brand and follow it. It is just not for everyone. 🙂

  4. annakissa says:

    I think that everyone have brands that they respect and desire. It’s definitely brand love, but it can feel somehow little materialistic to say that “Hey, I love that brand!” However, what I think is that brands can awake big emotions in us and be important part of our daily lives. They can be objects that we desire or something else, as you mentioned, sport teams that we support. However, I think it’s a huge advantage to be able to create that strong relationship with your customers and have a brand that people actually do love.

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