The color of perfect face

Welcome to the world of visuals! People less and less care about “written” part of the brand. All that matters is “face” of the brand, or just logos. We are always in a hurry

BCG_blogpost_BRANDINGWITHCOLORS_940x600somewhere and have no time to read everything that surrounds us. But we always have time to open Instagram and look for fresh photos for a couple minutes. Besides Instagram there are other social networks that focused primarly on visual content like Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube and even Facebook in some way. I bet everyone had this moment, when you scroll down your Facebook news and pay no attention at all on written ads, but if u see interesting picture, this will attract your attention.

Color can convey meaning to the customer. Consider the claim that “60 percent of the first impression [of a few product or in-store display] comes from color” (Heath, 1997, p. 44).

The work of art director is a very serious business and his job is the key factor to the success of the brand. Art directors should carefully decide on the choice of colors, because every color brings its own emotions. They are trying to make something eyecatchy as well as connect customers feelings with their brand. The effectiveness of the color determines the customer. When customer can identify the brand by only seeing a color without logo, this is a GREAT SUCCESS.

Too prove that the connection between colors and brand exists let’s make an experiment. 3b26316Say the first brands that comes to you mind when you see particular colors.

What brands comes to your mind if u see RED color? – This probably gonna be Coca Cola, Youtube, Beats Audio . Or if we think of cars, what association comes to mind with red color? – Definitely Ferrari!

What about blue color? –  Facebook, Twitter

„Color is one of the most common and prominent facets of a brand identity. It can be used as a background to the advertisement or on creative elements withing an advertisement

To sum up, if u want to build an outstanding brand, never underestimate the power of colors. Choose them wisely and don’t forget about uniqueness. And remember, colors – more than a thousand words.


“Measuring the Strength Of Color Brand” by Romaniuk Jenni and Nenycz-Thiel Magda

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6 Responses to The color of perfect face

  1. hikarihamada says:

    Choosing color is one of the most important process.
    I will be careful when I build my brand!

  2. raphaelverma says:

    How necessary do you think branding with colors is in building a brand?

    • stanislavkuzmin says:

      When we think about the brand, the first thing that comes to mind is logo. Colors of the logo, identifies the main values of the company. So in my opinion colors in building brand is has the same importance as actual product and service

  3. jeremyterrier says:

    That’s true, choosing the logo and the design his very important to create a direct brand awareness. I read some articles about the color. People are directly affecting about the color when they are purchasing.
    When i think about blue I feel about security, order, and cleanliness. Whereas one i saw a green logo my mind go easily to ecology, and luck.
    As you said it’s very important for brand to create such a excellent logo which permit to attract and keep you customer. Even if i think that the overall marketing strategy have more importance to create brand loyalty.

  4. vayrynenkira says:

    It’s very fascinating how some brands have managed to create mind images so strong that when seeing a certain color we immediately think some particular brand. In my opinion logo design and color choices are essential factors of creating a brand image. Well-designed logo creates image of reliability. It is also very important to choose a color that emphasizes and aligns with a brand’s values.

  5. kallemuuramo says:

    I never really wondered how important colors are in brands but after reading your blog post it certainly is a very important aspect when building a brand. Brands need to look at every aspect of brand building and colors create images to customers.

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