The effects of social media advertising campaigns

I’m sure most of you agree with me on this: social media today is overflowing with advertising. Sometimes I think my Facebook –page includes more ads than posts. Popularity of social media is growing all the time and therefore marketers also use it a lot to promote brands.  Advertising campaigns often consist of some kind of a quiz and a part which allows users to share the campaign or the quiz results with their friends and for example put their scores on their profile page.


These advertising campaigns create brand engagement, but an important benefit of social network campaigns is also that advertisers are able to gather consumers’ personal information, which can be used to target and personify future marketing communications. Users are often asked to reveal identification information and the interactive advertising elements in such campaigns also collect this information. This means that the brand can gather personal and lifestyle information about its target audience. In this way, social media campaigns provide marketers a tool for dealing with consumers’ growing concerns about the online collection of personal information.

But what surprises me is the study of enhancing the effects of social network site marketing campaigns. It examines the consequences of consumers’ self-disclosing of identification information in advertising campaigns on social network sites, for brand, product and campaign responses. The study finds that self-diclosing vs not disclosing identification information in social network campaign engenders positive effects to the brand, such as liking to the campaign. Also consumers’ buying intensions increased after disclosing identification information in an online marketing campaign.


I find these results very interesting because of the increasing concerns of consumer’s privacy information and the amount of the personal data collected online. I personally don’t want to put information about myself for others to see. But on the other hand, I have given my email address and phone number several times for many brands because I have gotten for example a free gift or a discount. So basically, by disclosing my personal information, my purchase intention and                                                                                             attitude towards the brand increases.


It’s funny that although people are worried about their privacy, they are willing to put detailed information on their profiles.  According to the study, one of the most important reasons for people to disclose information on online social media is self-presentation or impression management. Basically this means that consumers are willing to disclose their personal information if they perceive benefits such as price discounts or entertainment. People often want to show their quiz results to their friends and show at least some of their information to others if they can win something. Or what do you think?       Do you give your personal information easily to advertisers if you can for example get a discount for a product?

All in all I think it’s great that social media offers marketers the opportunity to use interactive elements in online advertising to get the consumers disclose their identification information. This way they can expand the information about their customers and strengthen consumer-brand relationship. So if you want consumers to like your brand, ask them about themselves.


Enhancing the effects of social network site marketing campaigns. International Journal of Advertising, 33(2), pp. 235—252 © 2014 Advertising Association Published hy Ware,

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4 Responses to The effects of social media advertising campaigns

  1. hikarihamada says:

    Nowadays, social media is one of the most dominant advertisings and have an important role. I didn’t know that one of the most important reasons for people to disclose information on online is self-presentation.

  2. eveliinaf says:

    I agree with you! There is too much advertisements in social media, like you said, there is more ads than posts in facebook. And I really hate it when I visit some website, then there are ads about it all over my facebook. This speacially bothers me because I use my personal computer at work, so I need to search information etc. from pages Im not personally interested about and after that, I need to face those same things at my free time in social media..

    That is really interesting case that people are really worried about their privacy but still easily give information about themselves to sites they do not know anything about, just to get some benefit from it. Ofcourse this is not the case everytime, but still I think it’s funny. And in facebook uses real first and last names and shares locations and personal information and everything. They maybe should be more worried about own actions than social media sites with privacy issues. But as always, no one wants to blame itself. There is always something wrong with others 😉

    But as you said, social media is great opportunity for marketers. And as we all know, social media is cheap and easy way to reach just those people you want. Most of the people are always online (right now I have also facebook open in other window) and I think people uses daily more social media than watch TV or read magazines, at least younger generation.

  3. laraelfadel says:

    Nice article! I personally think that there is way too much advertisements on social medias and as you said pages includes more ads than posts… I really disapprove the fact that companies can gather our personal information and our researches on internet and then put ads about it on Facebook and so on. For me it looks like we are spied on and I feel like internet is certainly not a safe to put your personal information especially your bank informations. I have heard that, soon, people would be able to send money to their friends via Facebook. I think that is very dangerous for consumers because their personal datas could be hacked, especially on a website such as Facebook, where all informations are public.

    I don’t give personal datas easily for that reason but sometimes I have to. When I do, I specify to the brand that I don’t want to receive any kind of promotional mails or texts message since I have already many of them anyway. I think that we are surrounding by advertisements and sometimes it ruins our daily life.

    However, for people that like to receive promotional ads on their social networks, I think marketers should definitely use this tool and as you said it is a way to strengthen the relation between the brand and customers.

  4. myriameliott says:

    Advertising and social medias… what a love story. It is almost unevitable now to have your personal datas online and resell to companies. But it gets a little bit better as I noticed that now most of the brand ask you to allow the use of your personal datas to third part. It is still an abusing way of reselling a product.

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