Bloggers – a new way of boosting your brand?

In the age of web, blogging is now extremely popular. Just to give you an example how popular this phenomenon really has become, a Finnish lifestyle blogger Silja Sundberg was the fourth most googled person in Finland’s last year’s survey, slightly ahead of the famous hockey player Teemu Selänne.

Many of us – at least most of the women – read blogs on a daily basis. That’s why an increasing number of companies use blogs and bloggers as a marketing channel and product placement tool. People have a tendency to trust more on a word-of-mouth based information rather than official sites. We tend to think that official sites must be somehow manipulated or corrupted. Experiences of other individuals and their feelings are highly valued, when buying an expensive product or especially when buying a service. In the era of bloggers new trends are likely to evolve when one individual figures out something and shares it in the blog. Information travels so quickly through the web that once some well-known blogger wears white Nike Airmax trainers, suddenly everyone wants them and they are sold out everywhere.

Companies figured out quickly this new way of boost their sales by giving free products or services to bloggers and that way getting new customers. So basically a whole new business area is built around blogs. Blog base providers nowadays pay monthly salary to their bloggers if they are willing to participate in advertising campaigns.

The article that got me thinking this subject in the first place examines a marketing strategy about the use of bloggers as a destination image ambassadors. Does it give a fair image to consumers that bloggers get a free trip with all the treats you can imagine. I wonder what would be the price an average person would have to pay for an experience like that.

So can we really trust the word of a blogger? Is it really a neutral word? Apparently some people see bloggers as their friends or at least they consider bloggers as someone they know. The truth is that we see only the parts of the blogger that she or he wants us to see.

The other thing is, does a blog lose its meaning by getting into business and forgetting what the readers want to read? Most of us don’t want to see adverts after adverts because at some point too much advertising will become annoying. That’s the downside of the blog advertising – too much messages from the wrong ambassador and you may cause more harm than good to your brand.

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– Marin, Jaume & Prats, Luís. International Journal of Management Cases. Blogtrip #Incostabrava or the use of bloggers as a destination image abassadors.

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12 Responses to Bloggers – a new way of boosting your brand?

  1. ellamarih says:

    I find this topic interesting because I’m one of those women who read blogs on a daily basis. It’s true that bloggers are often nowadays used as a marketing channel and product placement tool. And I’m not saying that it’s necessarily a bad thing, because companies and also the blogger can benefit for the co-operation. But I’ve been also wondering the same issue that you brought up, that can we really trust the word of a blogger. If you ask me, no, we can’t. I’m sure that many bloggers praise some products mainly because they can get free gifts, product examples and maybe even money for advertising the brand and the product on their blogs and Instagram. Like you said, we see only the parts of the blogger that she or he wants us to see. Most of the wellness and fitness bloggers are always so happy, fresh and never tired, even if it’s five o’clock in the morning. Or so it seems when you are reading their blogs or watching their new Instagram updates. And that’s what people want to see. They want to have the same “happy, healthy life” as the blogger. That’s why only few bloggers write about their misfortunes and their bad days.

  2. annakissa says:

    This is very interesting topic since I read blogs too. I think blog advertising is emerging constantly and blogs surely are effective way for marketing. It’s definitely easier to trust what your favorite blogger says about a product than what is written on company’s website. Still I think that people know when it’s about advertising and don’t just blindly believe everything they read. In long-term this increasing amount of blog adverting can make readers irritated and cynical towards commercial product reviews by bloggers causing negative effects for, both the company, and the blogger.

  3. dianasayapina says:

    In my opinion this topic is very relevant to the situation in the market right now. The Digital Marketing is evolving extremely fast. It all started from just advertising online using some banners to attract attention and it overfilled the Internet. People got tired of it and no one else relied on the advertising campaigns with huge amount of popular actors, singers, TV-hosts etc. They were no longer enough to convince people to buy a product. The trust in promotional campaigns was almost gone. In this situation the bloggers were the only ones who people wanted to believe in due to the fact that they didn’t sign any contracts with companies I order to promote something. The only thing they did is saying the truth. They were allowed to compare products, express their opinion without any pressure from companies. The popularity of bloggers is growing so fast and they also become stars. They start to sign the contracts and promoting particular products. In my point of view, people eventually will draw a conclusion that there are no bloggers to trust.

  4. eveliinaf says:

    This post made me think. I have never thought about that also bloggers lie about the products/services. But ofcourse, why wouldnt they lie? Companies pay them for it. I have always thought that bloggers are real and normal people who are just lucky to get money and free stuff just by doing what they did earlier for free. And for companies, its great and cheap deal to reach thousands of people and achieve good word-of-mouth what is important nowadays, as you said. And those people who companies reach, are more likely their target group if they choose blog cooperation right.
    I dont often read blogs but i have to say that after this post, i will not be so blue-eyed and do not trust every product or service what they recommend.

  5. laraelfadel says:

    This post is really interesting and questioned very well the issue about trust for bloggers.
    In my free time, it happened that I go check some blogs. And it’s true that sometimes, those bloggers make me want to buy a product like a cloth or an object. There are really pioneers to new trends and that’s why companies should work with them in order to attract more customers.
    I don’t really like advertisements and bloggers are a way for me to be kept in touch about new products or events. It is sure that I trust more bloggers when they present a new product than a simple ad.
    Somehow, your blogpost made me think, are they really trustful since the companies are paying them to talk and show their products ? It’s true that when they are not famous, bloggers tend to have cheap clothes that everyone can afford. But when they become known of public, we can see a change of lifestyle, like they have more expensive items.
    I think bloggers are really useful to companies because they can make desire even more intense and people can identify easily to them when they are not too famous.

  6. antoinemazu says:

    It’s an interesting topic you wrote! More and more people as you said give more consideration for blogs comparing to actual wesite. It’s relevant to companies to create a partnerships with bloggers in order to increase their sale and their brand image. Nevertheless, I read articles higlighting the fact that bloggers lost more and more followers when they create a partnerships with a company. Customers do not trust companies as they trust bloggers and if they figure out bloggers are working with a company, then the blog will probably loose value. I think it’s an interesting topic which will continue to be discuss, thanks for your arcticle!

  7. arcticminded says:

    Good article on a topic that is fully relevant to 2015. Bloggers have effectively given the way advertising in many industries (fashion and design top this chart) has been in the past a complete revamp. Bloggers who see high traffic are given opportunities by companies to endorse products and services like never before. I for one welcome this new wave of advertisement and endorsement, as it gives readers a chance to see products and services from yet another realistic perspective.

  8. I really liked your article, I am a person who follows a lot of bloggers, especially on topics such as fashion, cosmetics, food and also travel. It is true that it is interesting to ask whether all this is true, a matter I’d never really asked. When you follow someone for a while, that person is just part of everyday life in some way and surely we tend to trust anyone or anything on social networks today. Your article made me think and I think will help me to be more careful in the future about who I have to follow or not. Thank you for what you’re doing questioning arise in me. Furthermore, I think bloggers are a real source of active advertising for businesses, it is easier to identify with people who use certain products in everyday life and like ourselves rather than seeing these products in magazines or in television commercials.

  9. Interesting choice for your brand building blog post.
    As good as the post is, in my personal opinion you are more focused on the good and the bad sides of bloggers/blogs in general. I was hoping to see more branding perspective in your text.

    It think it is not a ”neutral world” when we are talking about cooperations between bloggers and a specific company, which offers its products to bloggers. I read over 10 blogs on a daily basis and I have never seen a ”negative” post about a specific company’s products, advertised by a blogger.

  10. vayrynenkira says:

    I find this article very interesting because I’m also one of those people who read blogs on a daily basis. I think you’re very on point there that people have a tendensy to base their buying decision on word-of-mouht information. And when I think about it, most of the time my own purchases are based on a recommedation of other person whose opinion I trust, as well. For example when I’m about to buy new mascara I usually choose a product that has been reviewed and recommended by a blogger or friend of mine. Though, the growing marketing in blogs has got me a little suspicious about the reviews in blogs. If I know the blogger has got the product for free to test I usually wonder if the review is actually honest; is it a real opinion of that person?

  11. [G.] says:

    I like the discussing question at the end of your blog. It is true that nowadays, lots of blogger writing blogs only for their customers’orders and neglect what are expected as a true blogger . The same scenario is for someone called “journalist”. The blog does not reflex the blogger’s feelings about products any more but the “fake truth” that they think consumers want to read. For me, it does not matter if the product is of high quality or at least somehow does not affect customers both physically and mentally when using. But if it does, the business gets really in trouble and so do the bloggers. It is trust that build a blogger and a product/company. A loss of trust leads to the end of the relationships: product – consumer, blogger – reader, blogger – company.

  12. limitlessdani says:

    I agree with you, it feels safe to trust an innocent blogger as it’s C2C (consumer to consumer), even though they might have an economical interest in persuading you into clicking on a link to advertisement. It has got a lot of attention, and in Sweden the ‘Skatteverket’ has started paying a lot more attention to this and if the bloggers are making any taxable income on this. It’s gonna be interesting to see when this will be as big in Finland as it’s there.

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