From brand experience to customer loyalty

Think about today’s most recognizable brands: Apple, Coca Cola, Nike, Starbucks, IKEA, Red Bull. Besides being on the top 100 list of the most valuable brands in the world, those companies have another thing in common: An ability to establish a unique and meaningful experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

But why see all the trouble? New researches indicate that unique experiences engage customers and connect them emotionally to the company and brand. Organizations have taken brand loyalty one of their main objectives — and for a reason. Companies have discovered that loyal customers are more profitable for the business because of the regular stream of income. In addition, establishing a unique experience advantages companies and assists them to differentiate from competitors.

Latte_at_Doppio_Ristretto_Chiang_Mai_01There are infinite amount of factors to be taken account when building a unique experience. Brand experiences occur in any interactions with a company and its products or services. Thus it can arise unexpectedly, for instance when you are exposed to advertising. Experiences occur also when interacting with a store’s physical environment or its employees.

So everything you see, hear or feel is a piece to the puzzle that builds up the experience. It’s how the barista pours steamed milk producing a floral pattern for your latte or how personnel greet you when you walk in. It’s how a product is designed and packaged. Every time you search, examine and evaluate, shop and consume products, you are experiencing.

Have you ever think about why do you buy a specific product or go to the same coffee shop over and over again? It is the positive brand experiences that keep us coming back for more. Today’s consumers are expecting experiences from companies and what’s best — they are ready to pay for it. Consumers want to feel that they are part of something special. The way I see it, companies should start taking the effort to invest in creating a unique and meaningful experience. When a brand establishes to evoke an experience, at best it can lead to satisfaction and into long-term customer relationships.

Brakus, J. Joško & Schmitt, Bernd & Zarantonello, Lia. Brand Experience: What Is It? How Is It Measured? Does It Affect Loyalty?
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7 Responses to From brand experience to customer loyalty

  1. ellamarih says:

    After reading this I started to think about all the Nike sneakers that I have… Why do I buy only Nike’s sneakers? Maybe because I don’t like other brands so much and I don’t think they are as good, or maybe because everybody else has Nike’s shoes and they simply look good. In other words, it’s the positive brand experience that keeps me coming back and buy more Nike’s products. Actually, I have to admit that I’m addicted to them, because I have to get a new pair always once in a while. So I guess in my case, my brand experience has led to satisfaction and into long-term customer relationship. 😀 I’m ready to pay 100 euros for my Nikes even if I’m poor student and I could buy cheap sneakers from H&M 😀

  2. stanislavkuzmin says:

    it is very useful and interesting post. Now i have a better understanding of brand success factor such as customer experience. In your opinion, what brand has the most success in providing unique customer experience?

  3. eveliinaf says:

    Every company and organization needs to remember that customer service is also part of brand. Brand is not just nice logo and same colour uniforms, brand is also service and experience as you told. Brand is about images in customers mind and if customer has bad memories from store/product/service, the image of the brand will also be ruined. If I get good service somewhere I will go there again and tell about it to others, talking about the brand, not just about that specific store. And if I get rude service somewhere I will not go again any of those stores, even in different city. So bad experience effect to the brand, and todays world where consumers have a lot of choices, every little mistake in service and customer experience can make the customers turn their backs.

  4. antoinemazu says:

    It’s an interesting post you wrote. I could not be more agree about what you said. Loyal customers are more profitable and are cheaper than trying to reach new customers. Nowadays customer experience is one of the most important point in every companies. Trying to find little things to give value to customers could definitively make a difference. The main problem is that competition increase more and more and it’s more and more difficult to differentiate yourself from competitors. That’s why it’s not easy to make a customers loyal as competition is high.
    Thank you for this topic and post!

  5. Your article is interesting, it is true that companies have real power over their clients, yet they do not always use in my opinion correctly. I am someone who does not like change, when I like a place that I like a brand, I will tend to focus myself on this point or mark and forget it exists around . Which is a shame because there many other places and brands to discover. In the end, I am so attached to keep my consumption in these places and for those brands that I am able to make them a very good publicity around me (hairdresser, bar, brands …) a gold mine for companies , yet do not often make efforts to reward us, which was really bad I think. In the future I’ll think 2 times before returning to the same places.

  6. annakissa says:

    Nice and informative post! I believe that by creating brand experience it’s possible to make customers feel stronger about the brand. For example, if you go to a nice pub to get a beer, let’s say Stella Artois, firstly the bartender pours the perfect glass of beer in 9-step pouring ritual. The glass itself is Stella Artois’ glass, designed just for that beer. Then you place a coaster with brand’s logo under your glass and enjoy. It’s a different than sitting on the sofa at home and opening Stella Artois bottle, isn’t it?

  7. [G.] says:

    Yep, it is right when all the companies should pay much effort to create more positive brand experiences to create as well as maintaining long-lasting relationships with customers.Besides, they have to find the different way to do so to distinguish themselves with customers. When there is a pool of similar businesses, only a very small but unique point that brings back profits. Heart, flowers on latte or cappuccino cups are great but is it much greater if a coffee shop can do a 3D latter art?

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