Brand Building

The significance of branding is often underestimated. The power it has, the trail it leaves behind. Branding is part of identity that can be recognized as a characteristic or a trait. These traits and characteristics can be installed into products. These traits and characteristics trigger different emotions in customers. Age is one of these traits that people want to sell in their products. Different names promote different ages even though they were the same. For example, Pepsi positions them as being younger than Coke.  Another example is Fuji film versus Kodak; Fuji film also sets them as being younger than Kodak. These examples have been taken from Kevin Lane Keller’s “Strategic Brand Management” (third edition). Is this just a sincere way of appealing to the younger audience or could it be another way of saying “sex sells”?

I compared some advertisements of Pepsi and Coca Cola. While Coke had some advertisements with young stars, most of the advertisements were more family focused. Nevertheless, people of all ages enjoy both of these beverages.

Other products such as cigarettes have been branded as being young and cool, when movie stars, such as James Dean, were smoking in their movies to support the character they were playing. This appealed to the young audience, making it a part of the identity they wish to achieve.

In marketing there are target groups that are targeted to trigger an emotion, where as in branding it seems like a there is something that is trying to instilled into someone, like a characteristic.


Keller, K. L. (2008). Strategic brand management : building, measuring, and managing brand equity. New Jersey: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

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3 Responses to Brand Building

  1. Great post!
    It would’ve been interesting to see your coca cola-pepsi example in practise, as a video or as a advertising poster.

  2. [G.] says:


    The idea of your blog is very clear that it mentions Brand building – one of the most important thing usually neglected. However, for me, it would be clearer and more appealing to blog readers if the later explanation includes detailed examples. For example, when I read “These examples have been taken from Kevin Lane Keller’s “Strategic Brand Management” (third edition)”, I have to find this book and read all for more information; or, Pepsi vs Cola advertisements are mentioned without visual image, etc. It would take time and some readers are too lazy to continue. If videos, photos, summary are used, this blog would be greatly more informative!

    By the way, I just thought of Olay products. Though this brand is used by all ages; however the target group of middle-aged and old women (30+) are usually recalled when i thought of Olay.I think this also a good way to branding, since at that point, those particular customers recognize Olay right away if they have to make a purchasing decision (it means Olay gets high score of brand awareness – Top of mind)

  3. rabina2015 says:

    I liked your perspective. Emotiond trigger etv you mentiod is correct. However i was waiting from a major advertisement. For example Coca- cola has so many appealing commercial, i think everyone knows the Christmas theme- video. I love that tune !

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