Burger King – Have it your way!


Burger King is a fast food chain of restaurants based in Miami-Dade County, Florida. In 1953, Insta-Burger King was founded in Jacksonville, Florida. Insta-Burger King is the predecessor of the actual Burger King. Their production model was based on machines called the “Insta-Broiler”. In 1959, Insta-Burger King’s profit began to decrease, the company was purchased and the news owners (James McLamore and David R. Edgerton) initiated a corporate restructuring of the chain. First they change the name for Burger King, they ran the company as an independent entity. They sell the company in 1967 to the Pillsbury Company. Pillsbury Company was purchased by the British company Grand Metropolitan in 1988. After a fusion with Guinness, Grand Metropolitan become Diageo. Today Burger King is the principal competitor of Mac Donald’s. What is the magical formula to becoming the most successful fast food brand?

To be famous a brand need a strong marketing strategy. To understand how Burger King is one of the most famous brand of fast food in the world we will decrypt their marketing strategy. In France, during the implementation of his restaurants, Burger King have make a strong impact by using social network and physical reality. By printing on a work covering a tweet posted by one of his many followers, Burger King announces the arrival of a new restaurant in a different way than its competitors. And it’s not the first time that the brand is doing that, the cities of Paris, Lyon, Brest or Reims were touch by this king of marketing. This direct marketing is ambitious and successful.

Burger King is also using the humour in its publicities. A few days after the broadcast of an advertising campaign for Mac Donald’s mocking the low number of Burger King restaurants in France, Burger King decided to create a humoristic and avenger spot.

There are some days, Mc Donald’s had installing, temporarily a huge sign on a road in Haute-Loire. On twenty meters high, it mocked the small number of Burger King, indicating that the next Burger King was at 258 km while the nearest Mc Donald’s was only 5km away… Burger King have created a spot where we can see a couple passing in front of the famous sign indicating the way to go until next Mcdrive and just take a coffee. They explain that they have a long way to do to find the Whooper, the most famous hamburger of Burger King.

By using humour, Burger King have successfully implement its restaurant all over the world and it is now the principal competitor of Mc Donald’s.


Sources :

Le Monde – 28th september 2015








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5 Responses to Burger King – Have it your way!

  1. clarahemery says:

    The intelligent thing with this advertising campaign is that they directly implied their main competitor, which is not really a traditional way to promote a brand.But McDonald’s and Burger King succeed to create a huge buzz in France thanks to these advertisings, which have been on every social Medias and some newspapers even talked about it. So it is quite funny to see the enthusiasm for these adverts, where direct competitors make fun of the other

  2. luciledw says:

    I think the use of humor is a great way to promote Burger King, even if they are making fun of Mac Donalds, it is still in a fun and kind way, not mean. Humour is a great way to create a li k with your customers, and I think that this brand succed in doing it, as we can also see on twitter.
    Do you think that BK can steal Mac Donalds customers only through humour?

    • bolainguec says:

      Customer choose McDonalds or Bk for their products. But humour can attract new customers. Like McDonalds and Burger King are the principal competitors on the fast food market using humour could be good and fair way to “steal” customer from the competitor. Don’t you think ?

  3. meganeurvoy says:

    It is very well known that Burger King and McDonald’s are direct competitors. Especially now at the time where Burger King (after years of withdrawing its restaurants from the country) is coming back to France, I think that it is a smart move for Burger King to reply to McDonald’s attack through humour. I think it could actually create sympathy from the customers.

  4. lvermeulen says:

    Interesting article ! as meganeurvoy said there’s a strong rivalry between these two fast food restaurants. Burger King is only buzz promotion to increase their brand awareness in France. But what do you think of the strategy that Mcdonald’s just adopt in few restaurants in France : Unlimited fries ?

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