Talk About Starbucks

Starbucks is an international coffee house chained, created in 1971, in Seattle. Today, this famous brand is present on over 67 countries. Their aim: ‘To establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world, while maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow’. Their goal is to give for their customers some friendliness, where we can work, discuss and take good time.

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This brand has a strong reputation thanks to its quality products in comparison with its competitors. When we think about Starbucks we think of an image, a reputation, finesse and elegance. The particularity of Starbucks is you can customize your coffee. Moreover, the brand plays with the ethic and ecologic side to bring back customers and to justify their price. To keep their customers, the brand has his loyalty program where you can accumulate some stars in order to get reductions.


On the other hand we can observe expensive prices and waiting time to get a coffee. But also, there are often some unpleasant employees. But the goal of Starbucks which wants that employees take care about their customers. Its competitors for stealing the tips of their employees have criticized the company, this has exposed them to compensate their staff member. Then the change of the logo has spark a controversy on internet by the surfers and customers, because of this change a lot of regular customers stopped to go to Starbuck. In fact, in this logo we can’t see the name ‘Starbucks Coffee’.

Unfortunately, last news shocked me, and I asked myself ‘how can a brand with their reputation, let this happen?!’. In Saudi Arabia there is a Starbucks which is forbidden to women because there isn’t, for the moment, of separation wall. In fact in Saudi Arabia all the restaurants, coffees and shops have to have a separation wall like a sexual segregation. Except the fact that the publication of the United Nations in 2011 says that all companies wherever they are have to respect woman’s right. This brand defends itself by explaining it respecting local customs thanks to different access for men, women and family but the services, the menus and seats are egalitarian according to Starbucks.

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4 Responses to Talk About Starbucks

  1. limitlessdani says:

    Starbucks has really done a great job, when I visited USA last year, there was a Starbucks in every corner and every shop was packed with people. Why do we want Starbucks so much?

  2. Jflory says:

    The Starbucks logo change is an interesting case study – the company had two potential reasons for doing so. The first is they had grown well beyond being simply a coffeeshop. They now offered baked goods, smoothies, tea, sandwiches, merchandise, and more. They wanted the logo to reflect that and allow the brand to grow and reflect its diversity of offerings. The second, is the company had grown far beyond it’s original Seattle coffeeshop. As you mentioned, they now operated in over 67 countries many of which were not english-speaking. The new logo without the “Starbucks Coffee” underneath allowed the company to internationalize and bridge the gap of its multicultural appeal through its logo. It also allowed the company to expand further into markets that heavily favourited its tea offerings (primarily asian markets) without deterring consumers by having “coffee” written on the sign.

  3. aliciakief says:

    Hello, I am shocked by your article, I am a big fan of Starbuck and this is unacceptable.
    How a brand with such fame and influence can do this? Starbucks must have its own values and it must be for a country decides its values implantation of this one. I understand that a brand can adapt to cultural customs, but not this kind of “custom” should be rather an example of the free women of today! Unacceptable!
    Do you know if there have been lawsuits?

  4. idilaare says:

    I love starbucks! I think that they are doing well internationally. As a company you have to be able to adapt to a different cultures and countries in order to be successful. As long as a company is being ethical about it.

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