Build your own surfboard in cardboard!

After the bicycle and the skateboard here comes the surfboard in cardboard. We already saw different alternative and more ecological materials such as wood or cork to manufacture a surfboard. The cardboard is a really new material in the surf industry; this idea is coming from Netherlands with the concept of building your own surfboard through a kit that you could order online. You just have to choose your favorite model, and after you receive it you only have to assemble everything like Ikea furniture. This really new concept is really innovative and environmentally friendly.

The objective of Mike Sheldrake the Founder of the company Westkust is to provide everyone the opportunity to create his own board and help them through the building process. This Dutch company also offer different fins to download and then print as long as you have a 3D printer. Westkust are offering 9 different boards, you can either purchase it online and you just have to assemble it or download the file and cut it by your own. This make the business model of this company really complex as they sell their products but they also give it for free. If you are willing to build it on your own you will need a cutting laser and then you will need some basic knowledge to be able to glass the board. According to their really innovative founder of this concept and brand, if the board is properly build you will be able to surf it and enjoy this really new experience. At least the board should last as long as a classic board life and every surfer you will cross will be really surprised about the originality of the board you ride.

Currently no videos are available to analyse the different boards on the water but they should launch some footage soon. So far nobody really know if it’s possible to surf with these boards but it’s a really great idea which is worth for your wallet but also for the environment.


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6 Responses to Build your own surfboard in cardboard!

  1. alix35 says:

    I love this new concept of surfboard. This is linked to the concept of “DIY – Do It Yourself”, a concept that is growing increasingly. Moreover, nowadays, the consumers pay more attention to the ecological aspect. So no recycling problems and it’s good. However, I have difficulty to imagine surfing on cardboard. I suppose there must be other components to the cardboard remains intact. Does the aspect totally ecological is still present?

    • arnaudgd says:

      Well sure there are other components, after the cardboard is properly shaped it needs to be glass with a resin to make it waterproof. Some new environmentally friendly products are appearing on the market such as bio-resin Epoxy which will keep the whole ecological aspect.

  2. Benjamin.CLOEREC says:

    Very interesting article, and well written as well ! As a real surfer I would really like to see how these new surfboards works on the water ! This new concept is innovative and eco-friendly which are interesting from a surfer point of view. We are close to the environment, especially the sea, as it is our playground.

  3. Jflory says:

    Really interesting concept but my skepticism is high. What do you think the brand can do to mitigate the fact that surfers are inherently going to assume that cardboard and water don’t mix? Do you think demo videos, endorsements, or stunts could be in the mix to launch the product and brand beyond it’s novelty status? Perhaps the product isn’t supposed to be more than a novelty and just a fun DIY project not meant to be used by actual surfers. If the operating costs are low enough, that market could be enough to sustain them and turn a nice little profit. We’ll have to keep an eye on them!

  4. lvermeulen says:

    Very interesting article ! It seems that this company is offering only eco-friendly products which is a good thing regarding the trend of the surf industry. Do you know that some major players of this industry like Firewire were launching their own Ecoboards in a way to lower environmental impact, especially on the world’s oceans?
    I would be ready to try these surfboards but I just need to find a cutting laser first.

  5. idilaare says:

    I think that this is a very nice and creative idea. This brand is not only eco-friendly but is also building a customer experience around their product by letting the customers build their own surf-board. I think that this will help them to build a strong brand with loyal customers, especially after people see how it works in their video. I am from The Netherlands my self and I have never heard of this new concept before, but really like the idea and am curious to see the videos.

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