Vertu’s luxury world

The famous English brand has just released a new phone: the Signature Touch. When Apple is going for luxury brand, Vertu is going for super luxury.

White gloves, black to navy velvet cases, muted atmosphere. In Vertu we are selling smartphone like we would sale jewels. The exact address of the Parisian shop, Rue Royale not far from La Madeleine and La place Vendôme (one of the most luxurious square in the world) has nothing innocent. The last new born from the range will be introduced to customers following the same protocol. The Signature Touch has been revealed on September 24th 2015 is a bit bigger than his predecessor, with his 5,2 inches screen. The brand is followings the latest trends within the smartphone market that are really difficult to reach sometimes.


Apple is seen as a major competitor for Vertu even if both companies are not playing at the same level. IPhones are eight times less expensive than the Signature Touch for example. To go deeper into the luxury market Vertu is multiplying external signs of wealth while trying to keep a sober touch. The screen in sapphire crystal is supposed to be one of the more resistant to drops. The layout of the phone is in titanium. The dolby sound is certified by Bang & Olufsen. The camera is a 21 megapixels camera. Other characteristics can be personalized by customers on Venture’s website, the back can be for example in calf leather or crocodile. Everything is possible if customers are willing to pay for more, for example engraving something on the back of the phone will cost them 1000€.
Vertu is pushing its efforts to offer concierge services with its phones, for example when a customer is buying the Signature Touch, he will get eighteen months of assistance for free against twelve for the previous phones. This expansion is made to match with the longer cycle of life of their phone. Even in the luxury sector, customers are keeping their phones longer. The ‘dedicated concierge’ service is supposed to be able to answer every request for the client, for example it can book a room in a Palace or book a table in a famous restaurant.
Venture has now a strong brand identity and clear values –  “At Vertu, we talk about a fully rounded, sensory experience, which means providing our customers with something that goes beyond the physical presence of our phones. They see the clarity of the screen, hear the quality of the audio and can touch the hand crafted peerless materials that we use.”.   A large part of this experience and brand identity come from the company’s digital strategy.The physical stores combined with Internet are now the most influential way for customers, not only to shop, but to interact with brands (in reality or on social media) and learn more about brand heritage.


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One Response to Vertu’s luxury world

  1. arnaudgd says:

    Really well written article, their innovative concierge service provide them a great competitive advantage in the luxury sector that Apple can’t afford to follow so far.

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