Breizh Cola overtaking Coca-Cola?

Breizh Cola is the equivalent of the brand Coca-Cola except that this one is sold in Brittany, France. The product was launched in 2002 by the Lancelot Brewery. The product tastes like a coke. Indeed, the ingredients are the following: lemon, caffeine, kola nuts. However, this cola is really different from the one you all know. The quantity of ingredients varies a bit from the normal Coke. However, the main reason is that it comes from Brittany (Breizh) ‘Le cola du phare Ouest’ meaning ‘the coke from the West Lighthouse’.

As a matter of fact, the Breizh Cola range was the first regional coke created in France. In Brittany, the product easily and quickly won over customers and is now the 2nd most consumed coke in the region with about 15% of market share. The firm has recently developed the product in Paris which was a real success. You can easily find the drink in a festival such as the ‘Vieilles Charrues’ or in sport events such as football games.

In the recent years, studies have found that drinking coke could lead to a cancer or health disease. According to the Telegraph, “One drink a day increases the risk of breast cancer by 15 per cent”, which means that you need to be careful with the amount of coke you drink. Sugar is the main problem. In a 2L Coca-Cola bottle, there is about 212g of sugar which means that you have eaten approximately 43 pieces of sugar.


As written above, the company Breizh Cola launched a product that is very similar to a coke. Still, the amounts of each ingredient in a drink is different from the ones in a coke. Breizh Cola has less sugar in a bottle compared to the cancerous Coca-Cola. Also, the company innovated a new revolutionary product: Stévia. It could be compared as a regular diet Coke but there is about 70% less sugar in it!

Breizh Cola is a young company from a beautiful place and is trying to compete with Coca-Cola. It is developing all around France and will expand abroad to show the benefits of a real and good coke. You can have more than a drink of Breizh Cola per day without fearing any health problems afterwards. If you want to try it, it’s time to visit France and more specifically, Brittany! Now, would you rather have a cancerous Coca-Cola or come visit Brittany and enjoy drinking a Breizh Cola?



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18 Responses to Breizh Cola overtaking Coca-Cola?

  1. clarahemery says:

    I do think it is a bit hypocritical that this brand implies that its soda is better than the real Coca-Cola, even if there are less sugar in it. It has been demonstrated that the Stevia is carcinogenic as well, even if risks are less significant.
    But in a same time it’s good that this brand tried to improve the formula of its product, because customers are always looking for healthier alternatives of sodas like Coca-Cola. And I like this kind of alternatives because I prefer to buy a French product which has been made in France instead of a traditional Coke 🙂

    • Maëlle Guyot says:

      I do agree with you Clara but I believe it’s a way for Breizh Cola to be famous and to show that they are willing to change the vision of Coca-cola giving cancer. Yes i’m glad you like french products, it’s what keep the French community alive!

  2. bolainguec says:

    Nice article about this Brittain Brand! I have only one question, do you think that it could be possible, in the future, that Breizh Cola become a real competitor for Coca-Cola in France? Breizh cola is very famous in Brittany but Coca cola is famous in France. Maybe one day we will have 3 competitors in the market : Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Breizh Cola ! Wait and see !

    • Maëlle Guyot says:

      Thank you Chloé! I believe that Breizh Cola can have a chance of becoming famous but for now they need to concentrate on Brittany and then in other cities in France! We shall see indeed!

  3. alix35 says:

    I agree with you bolainguec, very nice article. To answer your question, I think that Breizh Cola can compete Pespi and Coca-Cola. Indeed, as said in the article: “The firm has recently developed the product in Paris which was a real success”. If success is present in Paris, it’s likely to develop. Especially since it’s a product of Britain, and many people know that Brittany is a region rich in product and value. So with this new formula Coke, for one product of Britain, it can know a real success.

    • Maëlle Guyot says:

      I agree with both of you ! However to beat Coca-Cola and Pepsi, the brand will need a strong strategy and will probably need to first implement in France before going abroad! Brittany is the first start and for now it is working. As I told Chloé Bolaingue, we shall see what happens!

  4. saralm95 says:

    I had never heard about Breizh Cola before. One of their strengths is that they say the ingredients of their beverage not like Coca Cola, which always says “secret ingredient”.
    On the other hand, How can Coca Cola promote the happiness in their campaigns and a perfect world with their dangerous product?

    • Maëlle Guyot says:

      Breizh Cola is not famous abroad yet, it is mainly known in Brittany and Paris for now. I believe Coca-Cola has its own strategy of selling their product and they will keep innovating until their product is not seen as dangerous anymore!

  5. celinemarkogodaude says:

    Very interesting article! I have never heard about that brand before, but I will definitely keep my eyes open and try it out when I got to visit a friend in Paris.

    But I have to say that I think it is actually a disadvantage for the company to try to copy Coca Cola (even the brand name is so similar) and just try to be a healthier version.
    I am curious to see how the brand will develop in future…

    • Maëlle Guyot says:

      Thank you Celine! For now Breizh Cola is mainly famous in Brittany but indeed if you have the opportunity of going to Paris and to try this new drink you should go for it! It is indeed not a very good idea but they are trying to differentiate themselves from Coca-Cola by showing ‘Brittany’ and its innovation system. Me too actually but I really hope they’ll succeed in getting known!

  6. Benjamin.CLOEREC says:

    Nice and well written article ! However, I strongly believe that drinking either Coca-Cola or Breizh Cola remain unhealthy. Even if, Breizh Cola has around 10-15% market share in Brittany which is really good compared to mastodonte such as Coca-Cola or Pepsi, the brand can’t be found in some regions in France. Nonetheless this small emerging brand need to be encourage and should have more return because their products are very nice and tasty.

    • Maëlle Guyot says:

      Thank you Benjamin! I have to agree with you, drinking either Coca-Cola or Breizh Cola regularly can’t be healthy. However, the brand is expanding and will spread in France in the years to come. With their innovations they might be able to become more and more healthy! Who knows..

  7. arnaudgd says:

    Interesting product with strong affiliation to a regional identity, thus don’t you think Breizh Cola stays really limited, as they well succeed in Brittany but this is only a small part of France?
    Breizh Cola should be aware of new entrants in the cola industry with the same strategy to focus on a regional identity such as Vendée Cola.

    • Maëlle Guyot says:

      For now, as you already know, they succeeded in taking 10-15% in the market share. They are well known in Brittany and are becoming more popular in Paris. I believe they will keep implementing the brand in France. They are aware of other competitors but they already have partnerships with J-P Gaultier and else. They shall be famous one day!

  8. meganeurvoy says:

    Really interesting article. However I doubt that Breizh Cola could be such a success abroad. The french cola became so popular because it was representing a region of France with a strong regional identity. The soda is mostly sold in Brittany but if you go to the south of France very few restaurants will offer Breizh Cola over Coca Cola, so could you imagine that abroad?

    • Maëlle Guyot says:

      I agree but for now they need to be implemented in France before trying to be successful abroad. Their regional identity will help them be famous in France and then the brand will be more known abroad by the word-of-mouth phenomenon and else

  9. Craig says:

    Maelle, i am facinated by Briezh Cola, it’s very inspiring. I am Welsh ans have been researching the possibility of starting a Cola Cymru. Do you have any idea how i speak to someone from Briezh Cola about it? I have tried comtacting them through facebook but never heard back.

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