Creating a brand community

When I think different brands, I think Apple and when someone tells me about brand communities, from the all brands I think Apple. As you can see, I am a huge Apple fan and that’s the reason why I wanted to dig a little deeper Apple as a brand and how these brand communities are created.

According to the article that I read, there is four different steps in creating a brand community that you should at least think about:

Step 1:

In order to create a brand community, first thing that must be done is to create two different personas for the brand. First persona should be persona for themselves as a brand and the second persona is for audience that they want.

Step 2:

Advertising messages in brand community building should include brand personality, myths, ideas and character traits which fits to brands second persona.

Step 3:

When members of the community start identifying themselves with the advertising messages, brands second persona highlights because this is the step when member assume the expectations and the role of second persona. This is the step where different people begin to form a brand community, if they are influenced by these different advertising messages of a brand.

Step 4:

Step four is about maintenance and support of a brand community. If brand don’t take care of its community and sort of foster it every now and then, the brand community development will stop.


Apple products

According to my knowledge of Apple, they have start their business with Macs, which were the challengers of the normal computers. I think that now, years later Apple brand is still mostly same that it was years ago when the business started. Apple products are easy to use, they function very well (which were the main points in marketing and branding Macs when the business started and I think that’s the image Apple products have these days also) and the Apple’s brand community, “Apple family” is now maybe “stronger” than ever.

Back in the days, with the great product and customers that shared the same interests and preferences towards computers, Apple’s customers were “elite-kind-of group of hipsters who wanted good looking computers which are easy to use” which formed its brand community. Apple’s brand community might not be the same anymore as it was years ago, but I think that today Apple’s brand community is one of the strongest brand communities and Apple as a brand is doing great.

If someone wants their brand to be as popular and liked as Apple brand, they should start developing their brand with those four steps I presented earlies. According to the article that I read, these four steps have also been in the branding history of brands like Nike and Harley-Davidson.




Constitutive marketing: Towards understanding brand community formation

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3 Responses to Creating a brand community

  1. saralm95 says:

    The first thing that came up in my mind when I read “brand community” was RedBull. They are creating something completely different. All these videos about extreme sports or just having fun drinking it. Moreover, there is a competition made by RedBull called “Can you make it?”. Where a team of 3 people have to travel around Europe with just 24 cans per day. No money.
    Redbull has definitely created a community.

  2. I don’t know what Apple has done right, seems like everything! It is always such a good example in business life and when thinking about succeeded companies. And those steps you presented, I haven’t heard of them before but they were really nice tips! Thank you!

  3. juliashepek says:

    Very interesting post! I spoke about community building in my blog post as well. It definitely is a concept that is gaining popularity, as companies are seeing the success from brand communities like Apple and Harley Davidson as you mentioned. The article that I read focused less on creating brand communities and more about the relationships within these communities. I feel like people who buy Apple products and identify as part of their brand community feel a strong connection with the products themselves. Their love for the products turned into a strong relationship with the brand. Whereas with other brands such as the one I spoke about (Lululemon), people feel a strong connection with the lifestyle more so than the products themselves. Building a community and what that community revolves around would change from brand to brand I suppose. But regardless, it seems to be working well.

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