Harrods is a chic department store in London, on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge. His name alone evokes luxury “made in London”. Built in 1849, the ground, Harrods is 18,225 square meters, height 92 000 square meters spread over 7 floors. 3500 employees go there daily. Today, the shareholders of Harrods are just one of the richest families in London: Al-Fayed family. With as CEO Mohamed Al-Fayed and director, Michael Ward.


Voted ‘Luxury Retailer of the Year’ in 2013, Harrods is a department store with a difference. Its unique brand is recognised across the world. Communicate are the values of the Harrods brand. Luxury, innovation and service are essential for employees but also to attract new customers worldwide. As it is developing in Britain, he has become known worldwide by its values.

To do social media help external and internal comunication. The aim is to analyze how Harrods uses social media as a form of internal communication in order to find its place in the external environment and recruit.
There are a number of external communication channels that a company can use to reach its target audience. For example the site attractive to business, marketing material used as posters, advertisements, mails and telecommunications. Harrods communicating its brand values and luxury is particularly important to reaffirm that it can meet all levels of luxury. Harrods is using social media to demonstrate that not only can satisfy everyone, but it is much more than a famous store. For many clients, Harrods represents special moments in time, they shared with family and friends – for example, bring their children to see the Christmas windows for the first time. It is not just a purchase but an experience to live. This can be seen in many brand such as Starbucks, which prefers to live an experience rather than a simple drink coffee.
A company must ensure that it uses social media to his advantage.
Social media also allows Harrods to reach a more diverse and younger audience by maintaining a strong online presence with a variety of networking and regular updates sites.
Social media can also be used in partnership with outside companies.
Harrods has invested in a number of internal channels to retain its employees, that are maintained on the news of the entire company. There are platforms to share news and information.
To encourage the sharing of ideas and feedback throughout the year, CEO Michael Ward hosts a popular series of events and the breakfast is open to all, and it gives the opportunity for staff to speak directly to the Director on matters affecting the company.
A new feature on the site helps to keep a job, and is to stay informed about events, promotions and operational information and essential materials they need to do their jobs effectively.

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3 Responses to Harrods

  1. kialahti says:

    I have never been in UK, but I know this department store. It was nice to here about it more, but I was missing the links where you found the information and where I could have had read some more about it. I was wondering doesn’t all the bigger department stores have their own external and internal communication channels, how does Harrods stand out from them? It sure does, because I know it too all the way from Finland.

  2. pao56 says:

    I have already been in Harrods, and I share your ideas. When you enter, you have the impression to enter in a wonderful world. There are so many things to buy, to discover, to see, especially during christmas holidays.
    This brand did a campaign ‘Twenty Ate Days’, during 28 days you could go to eat every day in february and eat different food. I find it funny and attractive, a good marketing campaign.
    I think they have goods methods to manage and to keep their employees.

  3. Maëlle Guyot says:

    I used to work with Harrods and I understand your point of view. Harrods is a magical shop that sells what ever you are looking for.
    In you article you are saying that ‘Harrods has invested in a number of internal channels to retain its employees’ meaning that they are well held in the company? The Director looks very close too his employees and seems to care about them. Do you think that the managing is close to Google’s ? According to many Google is the best place to work for and it seems that Harrods is almost the same.

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