H&M: How to use celebrity endorsement ?

Naomi Campbell, Pamela Anderson, David Beckham, Madonna, Karl Lagerfeld and Vanessa Paradis have one thing in common, they all took part of one H&M advert campaign in the past few years. The Swedish brand appeals new consumer by using different celebrities, with different background, in order to get closer to every customers. The purpose of those campaigns is to attract as much customer as possible, in order to stay in the mind and to increase their brand awareness. Now, people knows H&M for those advertising campaign.


The use of celebrities in order to attract customer and to raise the brand image is called the celebrity endorsement. But is this strategy really effective?

Celebrity endorsement existed since the 20th century and become more and more popular in brand strategy marketing. The purpose is to promote a brand through the appearance of a well-known personality in order to create relationship between this celebrity and the brand. At the beginning, the celebrity endorsement was use in the luxury campaign, because each luxury brand wanted to differentiate from the competitors and bring value to their brand. Today a lot of brand such as H&M use those celebrity to attract customer.

In the case of H&M, the brand is known as a cheap and manufactured clothes brand. By using celebrity endorsement, the brand tries to upgrade its image toward customer. The choice of the celebrity is really important because customers will associate the brand with the celebrity who works for it. The brand, such as H&M has to find a celebrity who represents same values and image that the company defends. For the Swedish brand, the fact that celebrities change at every campaign reflect the idea if a multicultural and fashionable brand, which can suits for every fashion style. For example, Lana del Rey will send the image of a vintage and romantic brand, while Karl Lagerfeld will be more about chic and well-designed clothes.

The strategy that H&M put in place in order to upgrade from a cheap brand to a fashionable and well-designed brand, without changing their product, is now working pretty well. Even thou00-1-balmainxHM-31115ght, H&M stays far away to be considered as a designer-brand, the use of celebrity endorsement creates an appealing brand image. But the Swedish brand take another fo
ot forward. Since 2004, partnership with well-know designed brand has been put in place to create limited-edition clothes. This strategy permits to attract customers with clothes at lower price but creating by well know-fashion designer, such as Balmain or Isabel Marrant.

One question remains, is a brand like H&M, which started as a really cheap brand, can rebuild its entire brand image thanks to celebrity and partnership? For now, the strategy of the Swedish Brand seems to worth it, and creates the idea of Luxury accessible for anyone.


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H&M – L’express


Best H&M Celebrities and Designers Collaborations Over the Years                               January 29, 2013                                                                                                                                                    By Elodie Brd




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5 Responses to H&M: How to use celebrity endorsement ?

  1. clarahemery says:

    I agree that using celebrities and make short-lived luxury collections to promote a brand is good because it is efficient and it enables to attract very different and varied customers.
    And the fact that H&M creates collections with luxury brands is great because it shows that the brand is able to purpose very basic clothes to its customers but also very fashion clothes. The other great thing is, you said, H&M creates the idea or luxury accessible for anyone and it is the only shop which purpose this on clothes market.

  2. Anni E. says:

    Celebrity endorsement has always been something I personally have paid attention to. It does not necessarily mean that using celebrity endorsement has always made a positive effect on my buying behavior – sometimes even quite the opposite. Nowadays social media stars such as bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers have partly replaced the “traditional” celebrities in relation to companies using such endorsement as a branding element. I find that doing this makes the message more convincing and relatable for some social media users.

    Based on my personal observations, H&M currently utilises social media influencers’ content to some extent on their own channels too, but has so far kept their famous campaigns with the more traditional celebrities. I feel that this is something which they might want to change in the near future as there are for example so many famous fashion bloggers (who are already collaborating with other global companies) that would probably add a certain amount of credence to H&M’s branding especially in the eyes of the younger audience. We shall see!

    • mauranedanlos says:

      It is true that today, it appears that blogger and bloggers start to have more influence than “traditional” ones. I think Internet brought a whole new way in order to use Celebrity Endorsement. New opportunities are creating by people on Internet.

      I agree with you about how H&M should use fashion bloggers or blogger for its campaign. A lot of brand such as L’Oréal has started to implement those strategies, for example they creates a similar campaign to the one with “Traditional” celebrities, by using the image of famous Fashion Blogger.

      Thank you for you comment.

  3. meganeurvoy says:

    Celebrities will always influence some customer’s behaviors. People will see what celebrities wear on social media or other will want the same and will directly know where to get it. I strongly agree that celebrity endorsement is efficient for a company. Great article!

    • mauranedanlos says:

      I share the same point of view than you. Celebrities are often considered as Aspirational figure. People might wants to reach the image that diffuse a celebrity. The main point now is to choose the right celebrity for the targeted consumer.

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