How Nike took over its competitors on social medias

By considering the fact that supporters tend to increasingly use Facebook or Twitter to follow their favorite teams and players, Nike has established a huge digital strategy.
They achieved to connect with their consumers by delivering the right content to the right person at the best time. Let’s analyze how Nike has implanted its digital strategy on each of the top social media to create and develop a growing community over the years.

On Facebook, Nike’s strategy has been to create a page for each of its sport category. By way of example, we have the possibility to subscribe for Nike Football, Nike Running, Nike Basketball, and Nike Skateboarding and so on. Indeed, it would be more difficult to bring together on a same platform people interested by different sports, partly because it could impact negatively the community sense and interaction between subscribers.

On Twitter, the segmentation strategy remains in place as well. However, the content strategy is not the same, since the news feed from Twitter has to be updated more often. There is also the fact that Nike has created a Twitter support account under the pseudonym @NikeSupport in order to respond directly to consumer’s tweets in real time. Thus, a direct communication is established, creating a special feeling for the consumer to be heard and considered by the brand.

On Pinterest, Nike has redefine its strategy. Since the audience is mostly feminine, Nike has created a page called “Nike Women”. Even if it is one of the smallest platform for Nike, it still very relevant because of its targeted audience. Moreover, each of the picture posted by the brand is directly connected with the official website via backlinks – a really good strategy to create traffic and increase awareness.

Concerning Instagram, Nike is just the most popular brand of the social media, with more than 38 million of followers. Over the years, Nike has succeed to create a gigantic community, thanks to its various publications, from beautiful landscapes to training video records. The brand has clearly succeed to train and implement the habit to use its name as hashtag in order to make the community becoming bigger and bigger. Nike still the leader brand on the social media since 7 years now and that also can be explain partly because the company has been the quickest to implement itself on the social media compared to other sports brand.

Finally, after all this success, Nike has quickly realized that the moment was coming to launch its own social network. In 2009, the company created Nike +, which is a platform allowing millions of joggers to measure their performance while being challenged and motivated by Nike. Congratulations on Nike digital team!

Nike Logo

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10 Responses to How Nike took over its competitors on social medias

  1. clarahemery says:

    I agree that Nike is a very strong brand especially on social media, but i think that it was a « risky” decision make the choice to create an Instagram account for each different sport as you explained, because customers could think that they had only the Nike Football community instead of the current huge Nike community. So it was a good way to gather all their customers thanks to the Nike+ platform.

  2. magdalenasipari says:

    Before reading your post I had no idea this was the strategy Nike had decided to go with. I can imagine the risks involved in it: how it could have separated people and frustrated those who don’t have a specific sport they practice because they have to choose which “category” to follow. Nevertheless, Nike has clearly shown very successful strategic development, and created a community of communities for everyone to take part in. As you pointed on your text, Nike has kept their Nike Women Pinterest Page even if it is their smallest platform, because they see the importance it has to that specific target group.

  3. adieckho says:

    Nowadays, Nike is much more than just a manufacturer of sports clothing. As you pointed out, the company is very active on social media, which allows a lot of their customers to connect with the brand online. As I have explained in my own blog post, I used to be very active in the Nike community as well and this was mainly due to the availabilty of their platforms. I have to admit that I have used hashtags related to Nike multiple times, and it always made me feel important and kind of special if Nike liked or replied to my posts.

  4. I am glad you choce Nike as your example. It really has done something right because it is so well known. But I never knew what it was, thanks for presenting it in an interesting way!

  5. lvermeulen says:

    I didn’t know how Nike became the leader brand on social medias. I found that your article was very interesting. Do you think that they will develop their Nike + platform for other sports ?

    • YannBarry says:

      Thanks for your comment Mr Vermeulen, I appreciate! They’ve actually already started to launch a version called Nike + Training, which is composed by more than 100 exercises mixing various sports.

  6. arnaudgd says:

    Nicely written article, Nike seems to have the highest Brand image on social medias which is really important nowadays and it played a major part for their increasing customer loyalty. However we should really look after their competitors to see what would be their future campaigns and techniques.

  7. meganeurvoy says:

    I agree with clara on the fact that it is risky to have different accounts for the different sports. Nike is also a “lifestyle”, even people who do not practice sport wear Nike in everyday life. However it is a very interesting article and I actually discovered what Nike + was.

  8. Maëlle Guyot says:

    I do agree with what Clara said above. Indeed Nike is a very famous brand that always tries to innovate and to be part of social medias. However, it is very delicate for the company to just create an Instagram account for each sport. It’s a very risky decision and instead they should focus on a few ones. On the other hand thanks to your article I discover more deeply what Nike + was.

  9. marieketermeer says:

    I like how you have used theory and practical examples in order to explain how Nike has used its strategy to beat the competition! Have you had any experience in using social media in a business like environment yet? Nike’s brand image has definitely improved after their campaign, that is very clear!

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