How PSG has become a global brand ?

After his buyout in 2012 by QSI which is a Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, specializing in domestic and foreign investment  . The Paris Saint Germain changed dimensions with ambitions equals to theirs means : unlimited, as show their slogan « Dream bigger »
The QSI project was not only about sports performances, but was to create a real world-renowned brand around the club.
In this post we will the different stages of this project.



An image to build

Paris Saint-Germain has chosen to capitalize on the strongest element of the brand, namely Paris itself.

The city of light, which is an undisputed icon throughout the world, represents unparalleled leverage to propel Paris Saint-Germain up among the greatest global sporting brands. The new logo thus has the name “Paris” clearly brought to the fore, with the Eiffel Tower at the heart of the logo. The base of the logo has the name “Saint Germain” which continues to be associated with the brand, along with the fleur de lys emblem.

The logo has a greater synthesis of ideas and a more immediate impact, and is now ideally placed to capture the imagination of football and sports fans around the world.

The PSG also joined at the same time global and typically Parisian brands to develop his image on the international stage . So in 2013, the club of the capital opened a new official shop in the Galleries Lafayette Haussman. In this shop are sold “premium” products: shirts, bags or audio headsets. Products which correspond to the luxurious image that the store of the boulevard Haussman wants to show.


Struggle with the biggest

However, the best marketing strategy of the world would be of no use without a sports project which works. On this plan, Paris swipes everything or almost in France for 3 years, in particular thanks to its recruitment of international stars.

First big transfer of the Qatari era was Javier Pastore. In summer, 2011, El Flaco is desired in particular by Chelsea, but it’s Paris which brings the heavy artillery to attract him in its nets. 42 million euros in the pocket of Palermo and the Argentinian came in the capital.

The amount is overvalued for a young player who has still never played the Europe Cup. But the interest of this transfer is more than  buy a good player, it was necessary for Paris to show that they can stand up to a big team of England and win big fights on the market of transfers.

Thanks to Pastore, the PSG changes category and takes place on the map of the European soccer.

Others players have follow him :  Thiago Silva, considered as the best defender of the world, then the famous striker  Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The PSG attracts super-stars by praising its project and by aligning 0 on payslips.

Until the big blow which makes the club pass in another dimension: on January 31st, 2013, Paris Saint-Germain makes David Beckham sign. At 37 years, the Spice Boy is not any more the immense player than it was. He has just spent 5 years in Major League Soccer in the United States. A minor league in the world of the soccer.

The interest is not about performance. David Beckham is a brand in himself, a great ambassador and a glamorous representative. It is the assurance for the PSG to draw attention outsideFrench and European borders. The first training of the Englishman was the theater of the first one in France: the journalists must be accredited to assist it. And they are more than 150 of them come from the whole world to have received the invaluable sesame.

For supporters and fans of Beckham in the world, the session was possible to be to followed in streaming live.



Be present everywhere

In order to be known the PSG doesn’t hesitate to use the summery preparation to travel and meet a new public.

In 2014 they went in China for play the « Trophée des Champions » which is french competition against the championship winner and the cup winner. It was more than a simple game for the PSG, it was a marketing match. In fact, a marketing program and large-scale sponsoring was planned. It began from the airport because the PSG flew in a plane customized in its colors. Arrived in China, the players, participated in numerous events as dedications, in parades and other press conferences. The objective was to promote the various Chinese sponsors and try to attract others.

In 2015 they went in United States to participate in a tournament and play against local teams.The PSG summer tour in the United States confirmed a thing: the club of the capital became a club with an international reputation . Dedicated site, special hashtag on the social networks… Everything was made to pat a very important market: the United States are the first buyer of by-products on-line PSG. Also let us note that a sponsor on five of the Parisian club is American: Nike, Coca-Cola, MoneyGram, McDonalds, American Express, Aurel BCG, Xbox One…


PSG football club, and more.

Proof that the PSG became a brand 100 % Parisian, it became an omnisport club for 6 months. The entity is called Paris Saint-Germain Omnisport and include the already existing soccer teams (feminine and male), but also the handball (repurchase of Paris Handball), the basketball, as well as a section was dedicated to the futsal.

The symbols (logos, slogans) are the same, the players and players wear the same equipment. The strategy is also similar: hire the best to be the most credible possible




Within four seasons only, Qatari managers raised the club of the capital in the Top)5 of the European clubs in terms of income and by registering the most beautiful marketing progress of Europe
During the first season of the Qataris (in 2011-12), Paris won 20 million euros by the matches competed in the Parc des Princes, This season, the PSG is going to multiply this figure by five by reaching the 105 million euros of income
Concerning the sponsoring, to offer itself the PSG has a price for a company which would like to become a partner. During the first season of the Qataris, the income of the sponsoring exceeded with difficulty 20 M€. Today they border 100 M€.

Before, to become a sponsor of the club of the capital, the entrance fee was situated near 300 000 €. Today, it is necessary to pay out more than 1,5 M€ to begin the discussions.
Finally, Paris also established novelties since Qatar took control. It is indeed the first club to have established the naming in France with the training center Ooredoo and especially, a space of the stadium with the the DS Sky Bar reserved for Citroën.

The brand PSG is in development and the progress is fast and constant.


Sources :

PSG, une marque en construction


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3 Responses to How PSG has become a global brand ?

  1. bolainguec says:

    Very clear article, I’m not a fan of football but your article was very interested! Do you think that today, the football is more a question of sponsor and money and not anymore a question of game ?

  2. luciledw says:

    I just have one doubt, according to you, is there any connection between this global brand success of the PSG and the rebuy of the club in 2011 by Qatar? Do you think the club woul be as successfull if it wouldn’t have been bought by them?

  3. clarahemery says:

    It is true that since the Qataris bought back the PSG several years ago, this football club took a new dimensions in the way that players are much more than only football players, they are stars. The club also seems to hire only « famous » stars like Beckham, Ibrahimović or Trapp. These guys are famous for their games but they are famous in the show business as well, for instance Trapp was suspected to be in couple with Rihanna and then a Victoria Secret’s model, newspapers often mention Ibrahimović’s shenanigans. So yes it is a football club, but where the celebrity of players is very important too.

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