The avalanche of success for Picture Organic




Picture Organic Clothing

Picture Organic is a French company who sell technical clothes for winter. Picture is a clear concept based on strong value: A product conception the most eco-friendly as possible, unique creations that you can notice easily thanks to a fresh colorful design, appreciated for their technicity and quality. Street prices monitored, so that our products are a possible alternative to products that are non-eco-friendly thanks to aligned prices.


Picture Organic was built in 2008 and today it’s one of the biggest reference in the world of skiing and snowboarding.
In 2009 when they launch their first Picture outwear line made out of recycled polyester, and present it at the famous International tradeshow in Munich: ISPO, the 9m² Picture booth became “the place to be”.
At this time it’s the beginning of a long period of success, they have gave a place of their Brand name in the winter technical clothes, which was a risky bet.

Where them success is coming from some people may ask; it come from them strong brand values, they provide an eco-friendly product who had really good quality, they promote it by saying that thought the fact that you buying such a good product, in the exact same time you take care of the environment which is by the way the place where you use those technical clothes, and if you don’t take care of it, then you will not have any more playground or even worth you will lose your work place.

Finally front of this success in 2012 they also launch their first Made in France production of Nakewarmer, it’s also a big success. They are awarded in 2013, twice at the prestigious international tradeshow: ISPO! Today many brands try to have collaborations with them since they are become a fixture in the world of skiing.

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4 Responses to The avalanche of success for Picture Organic

  1. arnaudgd says:

    An article kind of hard to follow, but their products are such innovative and ecological goods in their field. Moreover the environmentally friendly aspect is really relevant in outdoor recreational sports as snowboard and skiing.

  2. lvermeulen says:

    Interesting article, but I agree with Arnaudgd, sometimes it’s kind of hard to follow. Eco-friendly products are more and more present on sports markets, it’s a good thing that there’s is this kind of products in the winter sports category.
    Can we found Picture Organic Clothing on social media ? Are social Media playing a major part of their strategy ?

    • aolecharo says:

      Thanks for your comments.
      To answer to your question social media wasn’t playing a major part of this success; indeed France and Switzerland are the two first countries believing in Picture values and products. The story started within those two countries that are today the brand’s foundations. First brand presentation at the famous International tradeshow in Munich: ISPO. Alaska jacket became a great success and the 9m2 Picture booth became “the place to be”.
      In another hand, nowadays they are present in all kind of social media, such as Instagram with a big picture galleries, and on Facebook where they update and gives info’s about promotions or new collections.

  3. YannBarry says:

    Thanks for this great article! I think that brands within the clothing industry should take example while manufacturing their products, because the environmental is becoming more and more important over time, and that is also a factor that consumers tend to take into account in order to reduce the environmental footprint.

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