“The beauty of me is that I’m very rich”

Honest comment, right? It is not usual way of saying things, what also makes it unforgettable. Do you remember who has said it?

Internet is full of instructions ”how to build a brand”. There is a lot of companies which has branded themselves in an excellent way, like Apple and Nike. But how did they do it? How can you make your brand so knowable, that when you first think of computer you think Apple, or when you first think of sports brand you think Nike? Building a brand starts when the company is founded, but how important the early steps are? But its not only about targeting the right group in the right way, it is also about the right time and right market niche.


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How can you build a brand so great that you brand yourself on the same time? That is something we need to learn, and lets look what Donald Trump has done. He started his carrier working in his fathers real estate business renting middle-class apartments. He has buildings, restaurants and almost whatever you can think of named after himself. He has been the host of The Apprentice for the last 14 seasons and now he is running for President. Of course there is a lot of things he has accomplished on top of mentioned, but there is few. He is involved in many things, and he has branded himself well.

If we look his way of brand himself first things what comes to my mind is his appearance. Very strong man who says what he thinks, but of course in the end his public figure is also thought through. But how can you come from being a normal citizen to running a president, and in fact doing good with it? I think he has made himself recognisable by being confident and taking a stand. He has been saying some rough things making himself hated, but also knowable. Is it good to be known, but hated? Wouldn’t it be better to be more on the background and not to upset so many people?

The great way of market your brand is to stand out, and as I said Trump has accomplished it. Now as a runner for President Trump has made some comments which people talk about all around the world. He takes a part in talk shows, and keeps spreading the word, he is on the carpet. His slogan “Make America Great Again” is catchy and easy to memorise. How do the other candidates stand out? I need to confess, I do not really follow politics, so maybe I do not know as much as you. But we all need to agree with one thing, Trump has sticked out of the other candidates. He has tied his ideas with action and got community of people who support him. Even though I do not agree with his thoughts he has said them loud and clear. We all know them, we all know the brand, himself.


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We could learn from the way how Donald Trump has branded himself, but do you think he has gone too far? Are you disagreeing with him so much that you don’t want to learn from him?

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11 Responses to “The beauty of me is that I’m very rich”

  1. pauliinaluukkainen says:

    I definitely agree your comments about Trump branding himself loudly and arrogantly because that is his way of getting himself on the front pages and making people talk about him. It’s true that he is the most talk about candidate at the moment compared to the others but definitely not in a good way. I agree with what president Obama said (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIdvEUxCN5o) that being a president is not hosting a talk show or marketing, what in my opinion Trump is doing, it is serious job and how Trump is branding himself it’s just like a big show for him.

    • kialahti says:

      Thanks for your comment and video link Pauliina! I agree with your comment and thoughts, and also with Obamas, the way Trump has branded himself is not suitable for president runner.

  2. elsangashi says:

    Trump really has created a strong brand for himself over the years. He is seen as a loud mouth businessman and I think that his current brand is hurting him in the run of becoming the next president of the USA.
    Although his brand might not be the most suitable or traditional for politicians or president candidates, he’s still maintaining and advertising his businessman brand, even on a bigger scale than ever.

    • kialahti says:

      Thank you for your comment Elsan! I agree with you, and actually I didn’t really pay attention how his business is going to be affected with this, at least it is going to be more known. He is a showman for sure, maybe this all is just a marketing trick, I hope.

  3. luciledw says:

    For me Trump invented imself completely, even though he inherited an important wealth from his father. There is no model in the american political people who had turned themselves into a megastar without training, politeness or any political background.
    But I see him as a exentric magnate in the real estate business but not as someone in politics, even less as the president of the united states.
    I definity think he has gone too far: his falts are too huge to be ignored: misogyny, racism and
    he don’t have any culture, has it has been showed when he spoke about the global warming, he first said it was nothing else than the weather and then he said on Twitter that “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”
    I belive his overinflated ego will fail him in the future and that he will loose his run for presidency.

    • kialahti says:

      Thank you for your comment. I also think he has been hurting himself with those thoughtless comments, that is not how a politician act. I agree with you, I do not think he will be the next president, because in someway he hasn’t played his cards right. Maybe he is not even serious and this is all just a marketing trick.

  4. annvihersaari says:

    Very interesting topic, i think every one has an opinion about brand called Donald Trump, mainly because his face is every where now. I agree about that being a president is not hosting a talk show or marketing, I think its quite scary that after few polls, it now seems that Trump has a chance to win the election. I am just wondering, that is there any chance to get that kind of publicity by being nice and polite…

    • kialahti says:

      Thanks for your comment, and I agree! It is scary indeed, what is going to happen for the whole world if he becomes the President. I hope and believe you can get publicity from being nice and polite, in that case branding is even more important.

  5. I agree with annvihersaari – a good topic indeed! Such an interesting way of starting your writing. Well done!

  6. I loved your angle on this one! You are right, when you brand yourself you don´t always have to be nice to be successful. Interesting topic I really enjoyed this one.

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