The face behind the Apple

“The only thing that’s changed is everything”, says on the front page of one of the most famous smartphone companies. Apple is a company people have either a love or a hate relationship to and it definitely shares opinions. As we know, the world changes almost as fast as a mom changes her baby’s diapers, therefore brands have to be transparent and prepared to, or even be already ahead of everyone else. So what is happening behind Apple’s brand loyalty?

Brand loyalty means the consumers’ psychological commitment to repurchase the brand, whereas behavioural brand loyalty is concerned with the action of repurchase. Nowadays if you see a consumer with Apple’s product he or she probably has other products from Apple because you just can’t mix the products with each other, but why is that? With Apple you are a part of a community where innovators, students and all kinds of consumers come together, or at least they want us to believe it.

Here we come to a question how has Apple managed to get and maintain brand loyalty amongst its consumers? A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, design or the combination of all of these. Apple’s name and the symbol are strongly powerful and immediately recognized and also it has built a strong relationship with the customers with one man. Apple’s one of the most powerful weapon is the man behind everything, Steve Jobs.


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The co-founder and CEO of Apple has made himself the face of the brand and become so interactive with its consumers that they have made a strong emotional connection with the company. When you think about Apple you think about Steve Jobs and how you know the person behind everything. People want to know who has created all of it and get to know this person because it just makes it more personal and relatable. Even though Apple has had its problems occasionally, they won’t do much damage to its reputation because in the end they think about Steve.

The same thing happens with Facebook, which you connect it with Mark Zuckerberg or Microsoft with Bill Gates. You can even go to the movies, watch their stories and cry and be angry with them. Relatable isn’t it?

These people are just like us and the story behind it is everything. When we know the person behind it,and we want to because we humans are just so curious about others, we can relate to it and perhaps believe that we can do it too. In the end these faces are just humans, and if we compare for example Apple to Samsung or HTC, they don’t have a singular face that they connect their brand with.

Does one face make a brand more powerful and are we more loyal to it? Steve Jobs has maintained a humble and definitely inspirational reputation and even after he passed away his legacy with Apple will continue and people will always remember him as the face of the Apple.


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8 Responses to The face behind the Apple

  1. kialahti says:

    I partly agree with your post! I think the brand is what it is because of Steve Jobs, but I do not think about it when i purchase a product. I use Apple products, because they are easy too use and they connect with each other better than mixing up different brands. I do not really know the face behind Apple, but maybe it is just me. But I do agree with the fact that it is harder to harm the brand when you see who has made it, who is behind everything.

    • pauliinaluukkainen says:

      Thank you for your comment Kia! I agree with you about Steve making Apple what it is and also that its products connect well with each other. It s definitely hard to think about brands and what has made them what they are, and especially how much the brands public faces have impact on them.

  2. pao56 says:

    Hi! For me it depends, I do not buy a product because I ‘know’ the person who created the brand. I will buy a product for his qualities, his added value, his superiority.
    For sure, when you know more about the face behind and when you share the same conviction, ideas, it is better, it is a motivation.
    But I agree with you, on the fact that when you have a product Apple for example, if you are agree with, you will be more attracted to a product of the same brand.

    • pauliinaluukkainen says:

      Hi pao56! Thank you for your comment, I definitely agree with you about buying products based on its qualities etc. but with Apple especially I think it’s more emotional buying behaviour.

    • marieketermeer says:

      I totally agree to your point too! I think the ”face” behind the product does help you to choose the brand over another, but in the end we look at quality too. Although you have to admit that everybody knows Steve Jobs while nobody would recognize the CEO of Samsung by face right?

      One thing is for sure, Apple is a very interesting brand that holds its customers in its grip for more than 5 years already, thus the remaining question is; Now that Steve is gone, how long can Apple keep this competitive position?

      • pauliinaluukkainen says:

        Thank you for your comment! I agree with you totally with the quality too. The quality has to match the brand for it to work. I think Steve has branded himself very well to appeal also peoples emotions, compared to for example Samsung or any other similar brand. We don’t know what the future holds but it will definitely be interesting to see what happens now when Steve has passed away.

  3. I find this topic within branding very interesting as its not very often that the CEO of a company has such a strong presence within branding. After researching more into this I found data that shows a decline in Apple’s Uniqueness, Reliability, Progressiveness, and Difference since 2011, the year Steve Jobs died. This information clearly shows that the decline in Apple’s brand characteristics since Jobs’ death seems to be more than coincidence.

    • pauliinaluukkainen says:

      Thank you for your comment! Wow that is really interesting to find out. Could the brand actually be hanging on that much to a face or is just a coincidence? Well we will see that in the future hopefully.

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