Volkswagen and the great fail. Or not that great after all?

Every one seems to have heard about Volkswagens last autumns’ emission scandal. It was one of the last years biggest news and no one can say that the scam news hasn’t impact on the Volkswagens brand image.

But was it necessarily a bad thing for Volkswagens brand image? Is it possible to turn that size of blunder to victory of some kind?

I don’t even have a driving license, mostly because I have always lived in big cities and near by public transportation, but also because i don’t really care about cars. But still the Volkswagen scam became the regular topic in my autumns breakfast table. I knew that Volkswagen had been known as a family friendly and reliably car brand and that’s why the scam news caught even my attention. But after all, did some one once said, that there is no such thing as bad press? It has been surveyed, that firm crisis trigger emotions in impacted consumers witch drive behavioral intensions towards firms and its products. And that’s true at least in my case; before, I didn’t know almost anything about car brands. Now I know something. And that brand is called Volkswagen.


What if the car brand had been another one? Could it be that the Volkswagens strong reliable and safe brand protected it from the crisis because Volkswagens brand image opposite to their acts? I mean, if the car brand had been another one with another brand image, like fast sport car etc. had the crisis put the whole firm down?

We can only guess at this point, but one thing is sure, Volkswagen is going to survive. Volkswagen made only 1 % profit last year, but that can be explained with the bad world economic situation. After five years, who is even going to remember this crisis?


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7 Responses to Volkswagen and the great fail. Or not that great after all?

  1. limitlessdani says:

    I think it did damage their brand. But they are not the only ones who have been cheating with the emissions, they just happened to get caught first. No one will probably remember this next year anyway

  2. alix35 says:

    My opinion is shared because Volkswagen is a brand internationally known and very important. Sales are still present. However, many consumers are disappointed about the brand and they do not want to buy the car of the Volkswagen brand. But more largely, this scandal affect the “Made in Germany”. By defrauding, the manufacturer has violated two fundamental values of German culture: respect for rules, written and oral, and respect for the environment. And I think it’s the most important problem.

  3. I am wondering because you said “it can be explained by the bad worldwide economy” that they made just 1% profit. Which is actually really horrible…
    But isn’t Volkswagen a German brand and their market had been growing a lot?

    I am pretty sure that it did damage their image a lot and that they will have to suffer a lot longer from this scandal.

  4. I like your point of view and the way of approaching this topic. The whole conversation has been only about the negative effects for the brand, so this was something very refreshing to read!

  5. aolecharo says:

    I found out your article kind of hard to follow because you mix a lot your own point of view with the all article. I think that more details about the real impact of this “bad press” has done to the brand will be much more appreciate than your personal life details…
    Anyway the articles is still interesting and the main idea is really good.

  6. After doing more research into the Volkswagen scandal after reading your blog I found an interesting followup to the scandal completed by Gallup stating that seven in 10 fully engaged customers say the Volkswagen scandal has no impact on their decision to purchase from the brand (71%); only 37% of actively disengaged customers say the same. I believe that in terms of future branding Volkswagen will have to focus there branding on showing that they as a company care about their customers.

  7. marieketermeer says:

    As some people already mentioned as well, my opinion is shared too. It is hard to say whether we can blame the entire company culture or the mistake is due to a few people. At least it becomes clear that globalization puts pressure on companies even more nowadays and it makes companies creative in competing wit others. I like the way you have incorporated you own beliefs in this post, it was interesting to read for sure!

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