Youtuber as a new brand

Youtube is a free video-sharing Website that allows users to upload their videos.It has over billion users and everyday people watch hundreds of millions of hours on this website.

But, how has Youtube evolved these past years? It has become a community where people submit funny videos, tutorials or movies so is not strange that some users have started being more popular and gaining followers. But, am I the only one who thinks that there is a big step from that to earning thousands of euros doing the same?

The key is: Branding. And that is the process of creating a presence, differentiated and unique, in the market for your products or services.

PewDiePie, Smosh, Fine Brothers and Lindsey Stirling are the best examples for this phenomenon, earning more than $6 million in 2015 on Youtube.

Yes. 6 million dollars per year for uploading videos that people love. Thanks of the advertisements and the views.

Here is the list made by Forbes

But there is more: companies send them their products as gifts if they wear them on or just to promote them in the video or even in the description.Moreover, they are invited to important events and they have become artists with millions of fans.

PewDiePie has 42 million followers in his YouTube account and 7 million both in Twitter and Facebook.

 Nowadays, YouTubers have reached other channels such as radio or television due to the amount of people that like them.

Everyone talks about them. They are trending. They are the first ones who revolutionized YouTube. They were teenagers when they started and they have surprised our parents’ generation.

They are doing something good. They make people laugh and be entertained.They earn a lot of money and all of this without establishing a company, worrying about the Corporate Social Responsibility, hiring people, firing employees or following orders

Their brand? their name.

Can it be easier?


Article: Branding in the Age of Social Media.


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12 Responses to Youtuber as a new brand

  1. elsangashi says:

    As you said in your blog text, Youtube really has become more than a video site. There are millions of Youtubers nowadays and it is becoming more challenging every day to stand out and come up with new ideas. But the thing with Youtube that makes it fascinating and intriguing is that everybody has a chance to post videos and express him or herself. All you need is one joke, one prank, one song, one video that stands out and starts spreading all over the world web. After that one video the importance of branding comes in the picture.

    Youtube is a great example of personal branding.

  2. magdalenasipari says:

    This YouTube “revolution” has really intrigued me for a while. How ordinary people have become millionaires and some sort of celebrities with millions of followers simply by posting videos. As you said, there is more to it than just posting a video, you have to have something special about yourself – what makes you stand out from the sea of film makers. Exactly how you wrote, their brand is their name. The way I see it the ones who are most successful are those who stay true to their character, and don’t just do what others do. But it’s important to remember, that these people do this for a living, which means that as any other company or brans, they have to keep on innovating, listen to their audience and constantly think about the brand image they want to send.

  3. What people don’t see: YouTube is more than sitting in front of a camera and getting nice gifts from companies. YouTube is a job. Yes, sounds suspicious. But they all started their job es a hobby for (mostly) a long period where they haven’t earned any money. They had to invest – in the camera, the equipment (such es lighting, microphones, etc…) and the products they were showing and talking about. It’s also not just sitting and talking… videos have to be planned and edited. And that is not done in a minute 😉 It was and is a market gap… and these people where smart or lucky enough to figure it out.

    • Anni E. says:

      I agree with Celine. There’s a ton of stuff happening behind the scenes, the same goes for example for blogging too. Everyone is free to choose their profession and therefore it sometimes feels a bit stupid when people judge others’ work ethics and how easy their jobs must be, without fully knowing the facts. It must sometimes be difficult to continuously create fresh, insightful content in order to maintain a solid follower/customer base as well as make a living out of that so-called hobby. I suppose this is a very common problem in any creative work out there.

      The evolution of YouTube is definitely very fascinating, and this blog post was educative in the sense that it contained interesting facts about the success and popularity of some of today’s YouTubers. In 2016, YouTube is definitely largely also a business platform that enables people to do what they love while getting paid. After creating an intriguing brand, one must also properly manage and improve it along the way. Currently many YouTube stars seem to excel in this, but I’m also interested in seeing how long the overall hype and popularity of branding on YT will last.

  4. juliashepek says:

    It is also interesting to see how much has changed on YouTube. Most content creators on YouTube for the most part belong to some sort of management team. This is where YouTube is becoming less of a hobby and more of a business. In meetings with management they are advised how to brand their channel, to set up an uploading schedule (like a TV show), and how to create inviting thumbnails and titles that make people want to click. I agree with the others commenting, there is a ton of “behind the scenes” things that are going on that most people don’t know about. But yes, having a YouTube channel has become quite lucrative.

  5. annvihersaari says:

    I remember this old MTV:s Southpark- episode, where they made joke about how people thought they would be millionaires if they get million views in youtube. Its fun to notice that it is possible now days. I agree with celinemarkogodaude, that Youtube is truly a job, and its really hard work to get millions of views. Maybe a photo or video about the peoples you mentioned, would have been nice addition to your post.

  6. Benjamin.CLOEREC says:

    I think that your article would need some improvements in terms of flows and structure. I think that your structure lack of logical thinking and only consists of bulletpoints. However, I agree with your overall idea that Youtube has become a new way of broadcasting videos and communicate to a wider audience. When Youtube was launched you can only found some funny cats videos and amateur talents or fail. A few years ago we have seen a new generation of “Youtubers” emerging. From the classical stand-up comedy shows, to gaming channels or even tutorial videos, Youtube has evolved quickly and exponentially. Crowds tend to follow their favorite Youtubers, they start identify themselves as a real and recognizable community. They sometimes use a specific language which can be understand only if you belong to the community and follow the affiliated Youtubers. As you said in your article their brand is their name or nametag. Nonetheless Youtubers earnings bring out controversies. Some people says that Youtubers only use the naivety of viewers in order to make money on their back. I strongly believe that is not true. Many Youtubers use their only creativity and in ingenuity to create pure and unique content in order to satisfy their hard to please audience. Last but not least, many youths try to jump on the bandwagon and follow the Youtube Stars but it not because you can play a game or make a video of you that your talent will be recognized on this broadcast website. You cannot push your channel to others, well you can but only a few will look at it. The only way is to work on your content, try to make it as professional as it can be with your equipments and knowledge. And then if you have something that can differentiate from other you will start to have more and more audience. People tend more to follow you if your first insight was only to enjoy and have fun with what you do.
    For example three growing youtubers:
    Golden Moustache (French channel, with English subtitles)
    MrAntoineDaniel (French channel, with English subtitles)
    Les Questions Cons (French channel)

  7. jonitapio says:

    I think everyone would love the situation that their name would be their brand. It is obvious that it takes hours and hours of work to get there. The negative side in that is in worst case it takes only one mistake to lose that all. One mistake and everything you have worked for is gone. Compared to companies and their brands, when someone makes a mistake or does something stupid, you can kick them out and continue without bigger harm and (maybe) it doesn’t influence the company that much. When you are doing all by yourself and your name becomes a brand, it makes much bigger harm to your business if you do something stupid or lose your reputation.

  8. aliciakief says:

    Hello, I agree with your analysis, Youtubes has really become a money nest. What I criticize are the are much too important as gaining the “YouTubers” precisely because of the ads and their notoriety. But also to fans who post a video “unusual” as a sporting achievement for example. But how far this will go? If an event happens, people will first think about making a video for the purpose of a post on Youtube to make money rather than acting. (Already some facts like this have already been publicized as the rape of a teenage girl filmed by the Snapchat app).
    The money will never limit …

  9. idilaare says:

    Nice post! I definitely agree with you, what is so great about them is that everyone has an equal footing on YouTube. Every individual who uploads a video has theoretically the same tools available to them as anyone else.

  10. marieketermeer says:

    I like how you wrote about Youtube and their growth strategy although, I would have appreciated your post a bit more if you had used some actual branding theories in order to make your reader understand the entire process a little bit better. Don’t get me wrong though because I did like that you have put your personal opinion in this text!

    I wish I had crazy videos that people would love to see in order to make 6 million every year!

  11. valtteripekkasandberg says:

    As it was already commented, it is so much more than just sitting in front of the camera and making funny videos. People usually see it as a very simple and easy way to get money and enjoy life. Why don’t they then just go out there and do it themselves if it’s so easy? I work for someone who earns his living by doing YouTube videos and it’s more than just a full-time job. It is constant working from the moment you wake up to the second you go to bed. It’s taken him more than six year to get to the position where he was able to quit his day-job and make his hobby his work. Before that he was going to school, working on a day job and on top of that uploading videos every week and writing blog posts + taking care of other social media channels. You see, it’s not just the YouTube channel that needs to be taken care of. For social media celebrities it is very important to be active on every social media channels because of the huge competition. Their supporters are very demanding and sometimes it feels like nothing is enough.

    I need to disagree with these sentences:” They earn a lot of money and all of this without establishing a company, worrying about the Corporate Social Responsibility, hiring people, firing employees or following orders”. Many of the YouTubers are entrepreneurs — for example the one that I’m working for. They usually are their own CEO, worker (who takes care of planning, filming editing, going to meetings), accountant etc. They have a lot of responsibilities. It is a fun job but it’s a very though one. There are no days off and if money is the only reason that drives a person to make YouTube videos, it will be a very short run. Creating a successful YouTube account takes as much work as creating a successful company. They are very much the same thing — in different aspects of course.

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