Building a brand – the importance of logos and fonts

When you are starting up a company and you come to a point where you think about the brand – you should really think about it. They say that ”brand is a promise given to a customer”. So you don’t want to give a promise you are going to break, right? So make it count. Customer is only the most important piece for your company since it is the one who’s paying your salary.


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In my own words, brand is kind of like a face of the company. Eyes are the logo since you always look at them first. Behind the face there is the company itself. The face, the brand, shoud be impressive, pretty, clear and simple – so that consumers can take a step towards you. The face is your most recognizable thing – thing that you are recognized from.

According to the study of British Psychological society  (Letter-case information and the identification of brand names) it seems that if the brand name is constantly and commonly printed with the same format, colour and font it is more identifiable and memorable. When customers think about the brand name they start to think about the logo/symbol as well. It works just the opposite too – if you see companies’ logos you will think about the companies as well.

logo vaihtoehdot

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In my opinion logos tell stories about the company. What the company is like and what is its vision and what kind of company it wants to be. At least my imagination starts to run when I see these fonts above. Immediately I start to think about what kind of company could use this font and in what purpose. And as below, fonts are the same but the story is a whole lot of different – yet you can still recognize those companies.


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apple logo

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Let’s take an example. Apple’s first logo wasn’t just an apple. In the first version Isaac Newton was sitting under the tree and an apple was about to drop on to his head. The logo was not that well understood and recognized because of its many many details. So it seems that customers want something that has to be easy to see and easy to understood and at the same point something simple. So Apple created a logo which was nothing more than an apple. And there it was, maybe the most well known logo in the business world – simple.


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9 Responses to Building a brand – the importance of logos and fonts

  1. bolainguec says:

    Very clear and well explain article about the importance of the logo for the brand ! Things are clear now 🙂

  2. alix35 says:

    I totally agree with you in the fact that logos and fonts are really important for a brand. Indeed, it’s the logo that represent the brand for the first time, and it’s the first thing that customer can memorize. But, it’s not enough. If we think more about the logo, colors and forms are especially important. Indeed, for example an eco-responsible brand chooses the green color for the main color of the logo. Moreover, if we take the example of McDonalds, the logo remained red and yellow during many years, but, since 2009, the logo began to be green and yellow. Why? Because nowadays, the respect of environment is really important and since 2005 McDonalds has start a new ecological politic to fight the bad comments about its responsibility in the increase in obesity in the world. So, it’s really important to not forget the importance of colors and forms because these are elements that sensitize consumers and help to memorize the spirit of the brand.

  3. adieckho says:

    I liked how you compared the logo to a company’s face. This really highlights how important it is for a business to choose a logo that fits the message they want to send to their customers. If people are able to remember the logo easily, it’s easier for them to attach emotions and thoughts to a particular brand, which in turn allows them to build a stronger relationship with that brand.
    Also, I am surprised how fast I was able to recognise most of the brands in the picture you posted concerning the importance of the font of a logo. It’s amazing how something as simple as that can distinguish one brand from another.

  4. elsangashi says:

    Logo is a huge part of the brand and as you showed us, ”little” things like the font can turn out to be one of the most important parts of the brand. Once a company has claimed their brand name and success, it can be really risky to change the logo. Apple has succeeded in this, but for example GAP is a great example of renewing their logo and failing miserably (read more about GAP’s logo

  5. annvihersaari says:

    I think you had found really good examples to support your point! Especially the development of Apple-logo was interesting. I also liked how you compared the logo to companies face, just like adieckho also said. I think its possible, that people don’t remember the logo, before they have the brand behind the logo in mind.

  6. jonitapio says:

    The way of thinking brand as a company’s face is great! I think that is one of the best ways to define brand for someone, who hasn’t studied or thought much about brands. When you want to impress someone, you hope that your face is on point and looking good and companies do the same with their brands. When company’s brand is great, it is easier for them to impress people and by that I mean it is easier get more customers.

  7. YannBarry says:

    That is a really great article, nice explanations especially about the link between the logo itself and the story that it represented for the company. Using Apple was the perfect example to underline the brand recognition concept.

  8. This was a nice article to read! You had good points and I liked the examples.The way that you explained things made this very approachable. Also your post itself was visually pleasing!

  9. valtteripekkasandberg says:

    This was definitely my favorite blog post — amazing job! I love the way you approach this subject. This is such an important topic to be honest. As a very visual person, the importance of a logo for a company is very clear to me. But to many companies it doesn’t seem to be that way. Using basic Microsoft Word fonts in a boring way is definitely the worst thing that a company can do to themselves and I feel like I see too many companies doing that. As you say, logo is the face of a company. If we imagine a company as a human / a person (I know, sounds weird, but lets do it!), face is the most important visual thing about a person’s personality. And personality tells a lot about a human. It defines the person and is a super important thing for the person’s image — or brand. A picture tells more than a thousand words, doesn’t it. That is why I felt very connected to this topic.

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