A Great coffee experience

If someone asks you what does brand experience mean, what would you answer? Basically, it is conceptualized as sensations, feelings, cognitions, and behavioral responses provoked by brand-related stimuli. Such stimuli appear as part of a brand’s design and identity, packaging, communications, and environments. A great customer experience comes with a good brand strategy, and if the customers like what they experience, they will become loyal to you.


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When speaking of purchasing such thing like coffee at the coffee shop, usually if the ordered coffee is average, customer remembers the experience more easily than the actual purchase and that how creates their own image of the brand. According to the Katrin Owrens study Branding Experience  “If the consumer has strong and positive brand experiences, he or she will remember this, and the chances are that he or she will choose the same brand again”.


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For example if you think about Starbucks. Whenever you go there, its full of people just chatting with friends and drinking coffee. What makes Starbucks such a great experience for the customer is that they make personal contact with the customers when they shout the actual name of the customer instead of just “latte” or “espresso”. It is more pleasant for the customer and makes a great unique experience for them. Starbucks brand experience is not just the names on the cups, it includes the unlimited amount of different coffees and drinks, friendly employees, great atmosphere, different kind of cups for different seasons and so on.


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All in all, people want the service to be personal and unique experience, and if the company gives what the customers want and more, no doubt they will be succeed.

Fiina Tigerstedt


Owren Katrine, Brand experience

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6 Responses to A Great coffee experience

  1. annvihersaari says:

    I think the theory you used was great addition to the text and it supported your own opinions. I have never been in Starbucks, but there is a fast-food restaurant called Fafa`s in Helsinki and they also shouts the customers name when the food is ready and i think that makes customer feel more relaxed and welcome. I would like to know was Starbucks the first company who figured this tactic?

  2. That was an interesting example to read! I have never actually thought about the fact that how much employees take contact with customers – and how Starbucks does it. Interesting interesting…

  3. jonitapio says:

    This was a very interesting post! When I go to Starbucks, I really don’t even think the taste of the coffee or latte that I buy. I think that I haven’t thought about the taste for a long time. One of the main reasons for that can be their customer service and brand and everything “more than just a coffee” that you get when you go there. Years ago the first time when I went to Starbucks the taste was obviously good, but next time I go there, I will pay attention to the taste of the coffee, because I want to be sure that the “product” is also good – not just the brand.

  4. YannBarry says:

    I really like this article! Your explanations helped me to get a better understanding of the importance to take care of customers feelings. I´m totally agree with the fact that customers tend to be loyal to a brand only when they feel comfortable.

  5. Nice article! I have not really thought about how little the actual product (in this case coffee) matters when the customer experience is good! Very informative piece that makes me think 🙂

  6. valtteripekkasandberg says:

    Starbucks is such a great example here! I remember when I was younger and Starbucks first came to Finland, my friends and I travelled to the airport where it was located just to go to Starbucks. And whenever I was in a country where they had Starbucks, I always used to choose it. And to be honest, I still do. As you point out, it’s not just about coffee anymore. It’s about the whole experience; the custom service and the brand itself.

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