Are we buying a product or a famous face?

Ladies (and gentleman) we have all been there, you need let´s say a new mascara, but you have no idea which one you should buy.You go to the beauty department and find yourself drawn to the one that has a beautiful celebrity on their ad.And more often than not  you end up buying the product without thinking rationally why you actually chose that specific product. And that is why cosmetic brands use celebrities on their ads and as their spokespersons.We as a customer like the idea of sharing a product with a celebrity and that is why cosmetic brands like to use celebrities in their branding.

Most of the beauty brands that i can think of are using celebrities as a part of their brand building. If you give me a beauty brand I usually can name a celebrity that has worked with them, so it´s not a surprise that celebrity endorsement is considered as one of the most known marketing tools in the cosmetics industry. It is considered as a winning strategy to build a unique identity for the brand.(The Effect of Celebrity Endorsement on Creating Brand Loyalty, Marc Audi, 2015)So it does make a lot of sense why all these brands would spend their money on celebrities to be on their ads. But in order for the endorsement to be successful, there are three different attributes the celebrity needs to communicate to the consumers. These are; credibility, attractiveness and power (Byrne, Whitehead & Breen, 2003p.291) So brands must be careful when choosing the right person for the job.

I can safely say that we all know that cosmetic brands use celebrities to advertise their products, but what we don´t often think about is how important it is for the brand that they choose the right one. Even though it’s not an easy task to select the proper celebrity, it is even tougher to create a match between the celebrity and the brand(Marc Audi).But there are brands that have done this very effectively. For example my personal favorite make-up brand MAC has worked with several high profile celebrities on their Viva Glam Campaign over the years,and their limited edition collections have always sold out.This is an excellent example where a company has paid a lot of attention in choosing the right celebrities that complement their brand image to endorse their products, and had amazing results.

So at the end of the day when we are shopping  at the beauty department are we buying the actual product or a famous face?




Article:The Effect of Celebrity Endorsement on Creating Brand Loyalty: An Application on the Lebanese Cosmetic Sector’s Demand, Marc Audi, 2015





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4 Responses to Are we buying a product or a famous face?

  1. valtteripekkasandberg says:

    I loved your article! I couldn’t agree more on the fact how important it is to choose the right celebrity to promote your brand. I remember reading about a company (I cannot remember their field correctly — it was probably related to information technology, unfortunately I’m not 100% sure) that used Kim Kardashian West as their face. The campaign was a huge flop and gained them ridiculously little more traffic on their site. Mrs. Kardashian West was not the right person to promote their brand despite the millions of followers she has on social media. I think that is a great example of how important it is for a company to come up with the right celebrity to use in their advertising.

  2. juliashepek says:

    Very interesting blog post! I agree that celebrity endorsement seems to be an absolute necessity in the beauty industry. Yes, Mac Collections are a pretty genius move. Not only does the celebrity endorsement draw people in, but I think the other important factors are the limited edition packaging which makes the makeup more of a collectors piece and the fact that the collections are limited in supply and timing and don’t come back. It’s funny because the actual products in each collection are REALLY similar but people will buy that same blush shade over and over just because of the “limited edition” collection.

  3. Enjoyed reading this article as I feel it is very relevant, lately there has been many studies of hundreds of current endorsements that have indicated the sales for some brands increased up to 20% once they launched an endorsement deal. Another interesting fact in relation to your above points is that some companies have seen their stock increase by .25% on the day the deal was announced.

  4. idilaare says:

    I definitely think that we buy a famous face, especially when it comes to make-up. Famous people have always made excellent salesmen, because presenting a familiar face is one of the fastest and easiest ways for companies to create brand associations in the minds of consumers.

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