I wake up to my alarm in the morning after I’ve snoozed it for fifteen minutes. I get up, brush my teeth and go to my closet. I pick up my favorite Calvin Klein boxers, and before slipping on my pants, I snap a few mirror pictures with my phone. I put on the rest of my clothes and rush to the train station. Luckily, I make it in time. While I’m sitting in the train I go through the pictures I took, select the best one, choose a moody, faded filter and publish it on my Instagram account with a hashtag #mycalvins. Throughout the day I check how many likes and comments I’ve gotten and I am happy about the positive feedback. I feel like I’m part of something big.

Great — and even controversial — advertisement campaigns have fascinated me since I was a kid. When social media really hit us all, the campaigns have gotten more and more clever. My favorite one must be Calvin Klein’s #mycalvins -campaign that got everyone talking when famous Canadian pop artist — Justin Bieber — starred as their face for the first time in the beginning of 2015.


PHOTO FROM HERE // Picture credit: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, Calvin Kelin photoshoot 2015

According to a study by Astrid Keel and Natan Nataraajan (Celebrity Endorsements and Beyond: New Avenues for Celebrity Branding) from Auburn University, celebrities can help advertisements stand out and enter new markets. This statement is valid with #mycalvins -campaign. And why? Because numbers don’t lie.

With the help of the nostalgia Calvin Klein has as a brand and social celebrities, the ”wildly successful” campaign got people — just like me — share their shots with the hashtag #mycalvins all over social media. Today there are over 322 000 pictures shared on Instagram and the number is increasing all the time. By having a strong celebrity endorsement, Calvin Klein was able to get their customers promote the product, which increases the knowledge of the brand — and most importantly — the size of the company’s wallet.

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  1. Nice and personal point of view of the topic, This also makes me think more about the real power that social media has in marketing!

    • valtteripekkasandberg says:

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, I totally agree with you. Social media is definitely an irreplaceable part of a company’s marketing nowadays.

  2. ireneortegalegidos says:

    It is curious how the social media has break into our lives in such a little time. The brands have taken advantage of this impact creating an involving marketing which is part of many aspects of our lives. Do you think this can cause a saturation in customers minds?

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