Employer Branding as a growing trend in 2017

Employer Branding has drawn maximum attention in the recent days not only on marketing platforms but also on job ads where companies are seeking to improve their reputation. It is a process of promotion and creation of a brand identity and developing a lasting positive image in the minds of current and future employees.

dustin-lee-19667The competition for talent on the market for quality human resources has allowed employers to recognize the relevance of employer branding in attracting, engaging and retaining talent. It is suggested that the reputation created by effective use of employer branding will draw talented people to an organization. It involves both marketing and HR, combination of which will help the development and communication of an organization’s culture as an employer in the market place. The employer brand ideally should be consistent with the reality, different from competitors and attractive to the target audience. As has been mentioned in the book The War for Talent by Michaels et al. (2001) the labour market does not allow companies to choose their employees like before 1990s, now the employees choose their companies and to achieve this the company needs to position itself favourably. However, it also takes a lot of work throughout time as following the research by Bersin (2013), it has been proven that nothing is more damaging than an employment brand that does not turn out to be true. This is one of the reasons the company needs to start from within to build its employer brand.

Quality workforce is an important source of competitive advantage and financial success for firms. Employer Branding is much like Branding where you focus on attracting and retaining customers but before satisfying customers you should first succeed in keeping its employees satisfied.olu-eletu-13086

If you would like to read more on how to keep candidates and applicants happy to pass on your desired brand even after rejection I recommend to read this article.



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2 Responses to Employer Branding as a growing trend in 2017

  1. anaellelorre says:

    Hi verabelinskaya! You write that on the today’s market labour, this is the employees that have the power to choose their company. But I think it is not always the case and it depends on the position. Only one example. The labour market is very clogged at the moment in France. Young graduates that are looking for a job and need to pay back for their studies simply accept a job that can help for this, even if it is not their dream job or company.

  2. verabelinskaya says:

    Thank you for your comment anaellelorre. You are absolutely right and for young professionals it is hard to find a job and they do not have the opportunity of choosing it the way more senior professionals do. However I was speaking also out of my own experience working as a Digital Recruiter and speaking with a lot of professionals (3 years+ experience) in Finland the fight for the right talent is very hard for companies.

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