Where the love is

How much are you willing to pay for a cup of coffee?

The answer is easy. It is all about love. This unconditional appreciation that we develop toward brands and that make us choose them between hundreds of them and stand up for them no matter what.


This phenomenon was qualified by Kevin Keller as resonance. Resonance refers to the level of acceptation and identity that the consumer has about a brand, the relationship between the client and the brand, the answer to the question: “ What about you and me?” This acceptance is the immediate response toward a new campaign, a new presentation or a company promotion. And it is not just the reaction of the consumer what defines this concept but also the sense of brand membership, the customer behavior and even the communities that are generated through the identification that one has with the brand.


Starbucks had been the first coffee shop that got us to pay an insane quantity of money just for a cup of coffee. But we are not paying the product, we re paying the image, the relationship, and the experience. Is the idea that we have about the brand what makes us pay one or another quantity of money, what makes us protect and defend a company and what makes us choose a concrete label each time.

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2 Responses to Where the love is

  1. haenakim says:

    I like your blog post! I read impressively and think you have made a clear point. I think everyone has similar opinion about your point with you. But for me, I don’t pay for things only with the love about the brand. Because sometimes the price is my first choice 🙂

  2. belenlujang says:

    Hi Irene! I really love your post! I totally agree with you as I am very loyal to my prefered brands. And I had the same experience but not here in Finland when talking about coffee because it is way too expensive and I always try to look for the cheapest brand. But I also have that unconditional appreciation you talk about in your post with other products. I haven’t eaten cocoa cream since December as I can’t have any other but Nocilla (a spanish brand). 🙂

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