Be Conor McGregor unique

As a former football player and huge sports fan I follow a lot of different sports and lately most of my attention is towards the world of mixed martial arts or also known as MMA. I just love the whole concept of this sport. To be good at it you have to practice many different martial arts such as karate, judo, boxing etc. and at the same time be well mental and physical prepared. MMA is today known as the fastest growing sport in the world and has fans all across the world. Some credits for that definitely go to its today’s biggest star, Conor McGregor.

You ask why is he the MMA biggest star? Just look at numbers, 5.1 Million likes on Facebook, 3.5 Million followers on Twitter and 11.0 Million followers on Instagram. He created a brand of himself. How? He is unique and he took a totally different approach to the fight game which is considered very important in creating a successful personal brand as said John Byrne and Anne Gallagher in article 10 EASY STEPS TO CREATING AND MANAGING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND. He draws much of attention with his attitude but most importantly he backs it up with his performance inside the octagon ( the place where fights take place). Would he still create a strong brand if he wouldn’t have results that back him up? Definitely not. His confidence and hard work are unquestionable. And he sure knows how to use social media where he with his posts created an image that constantly draws attention. All of this helped him to create a powerful personal brand resulting in singing contract with many companies, being a face of the games such as EA Sports UFC 2 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, starting in commercials (–fQDm8c) and earning him a lot of money.



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To be honest with you, I didn’t like him at first. Why? Because he broke some stereotypes and I didn’t believe he can back up his words. But the more time passed by the more he proved me wrong and showed all of us the way to successful create a personal brand. With his determination, perseverance and confidence he walked the path from being a plumber to being a first professional MMA fighter holding two belts in different weight classes and at the same time earning millions and creating a powerful personal brand.
What about you, do you have some example of someone successful creating their own personal brand?



Bryne, J. & Gallagher, A.(2015). 10 EASY STEPS TO CREATING AND MANAGING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND. USA: Institute Of Real Estate Management


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2 Responses to Be Conor McGregor unique

  1. Hi anze24. Before your article i didn’t know anything about mma and this guy. It’s incredible how he was able to develop his own brand through social media, even if i think there’s someone else who is helping him to do that. If i have to think about someone else who created her own brand it’s an italian girl called Chiara Ferragni. She founded her fashion blog “the blond salad” 7 years ago, now she has more than 8 million followers on Instagram, she owns a company made of 25 people and Forbes put her in the 30 most important influencer in 2015.

  2. zzorko15 says:

    I think the biggest reason for his success as a brand name, was that his behaviour was really different from others – he was loud, aggressive, making jokes of others, very confident.. With that he got attention from others (even from those that didn`t watch MMA). I think if he didn`t have so outrageous approach (his talking on press conferences, social media post), he wouldn`t be so interesting to so many people. The similar example is Dan Bilzerian, with his social media posts and behaviour, but I think he doesn`t work on his personal brand.

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