Brands as a way of life

Each day our brains are bombarded by thousands of brands that struggle and compete for space in our memory. A valuable brand is one that has established its own code, its personality, and has decided to be an experience for its target audience. Big brands don’t sell a product, they sell a way of life. Apple does not sell computers, it sells creativity and design, BMW does not sell cars, it sells driving pleasure, and Coca Cola has been selling happiness for more than ten years.

A brand is the most important asset of a company. It conveys not only the concrete characteristics of an object but also the ethical values and principles of the company behind it. That is why it is important that a brand understands the new consumer, their needs. A brand is much more than the representation of a product, it is an identity.

As Tom Peters affirms in his book “The Circle of Innovation (1997)”, the success of a company comes not so much from the hand of its products, but from values which are intended to transmit with it. In short, what the customer buys is not the product itself, but what differentiates it from the rest. They buy the brand, the soul of the company. Because selling a feeling is not the same as selling a product. A brand establishes an emotional bond with its customers becoming irreplaceable in their lives.

Brands are born, grow and evolve, have life, a life cycle that seeks to last in time as much as possible. Create culture, a culture that perfectly reflects the case of Diesel by the hand of Renzo Rosso. An empire that has gone from being a specialist in jeans to being a lifestyle brand. Thanks to its advertising strategies, Diesel has become an international, cult brand for millions of young people. A whole success story since, as we know, the textile market is one of the most transitory.




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6 Responses to Brands as a way of life

  1. anaellelorre says:

    Hi belenlujang! Your post is very interesting and made me think about loyalty. Indeed you talk about the fact that once the emotional bond is established, one brand cannot be replaceable. But I think that brands should always keep in mind that they could be replaced, even if they are leaders of their market. One scandal, bad publicity, mistake can always happen and then they lose a lot of consumers. Look at the Volkswagen case with fine particles for instance.

  2. flemingcraigcanada14 says:

    Hey Belen, the ability to identify a piece of past experience in your post is very easy and enjoyable. That gut feeling we learnt about in class is a very powerful feeling isn’t it? In my opinion if I can buy a brand’s story or see myself in their product they have me. An example would be like Porsche…or Martini…

  3. Foss says:

    Hey Belenlujang! Great post! It is interesting to read that companies sell you a lifestyle. Does that mean that every individu is build by company brands? Or has every individu an unique brand and are we searching for brands that correspond with our personal brand? What is your opinion about that?

  4. Hi Belen, I think that your post is very accurate because now a days we want to buy something that goes beyond the product, and it comes out from the personality that the brand offers, I wonder how do you think we can distinguish between the values of the brand and the product itself or if it is unconscious that we buy the value?

  5. ireneortegalegidos says:

    Hi Belen!
    It is true that nowadays it is really difficult to choose between the great amount of brands that exist and it is the experience they offer what make us choose one above the other. There are a lot of facts that people ignore but you show with your post the importance of taking into account these little details. Personality, values, identity… are really significant aspects for a brand.

  6. maximefr85 says:

    Hi Belen! I was just thinking about that. It’s crazy how brands can unconsciously dictate our ways of living. Today we do everything to differentiate us from the others, but in the end we realize that we always come back to follow the same trend dictated by the major brands.
    Very good post!

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