How brands play with your mind ?

“As consumers, we see over 3,156 images a day. We’re just not conscious of them”, says Marshal Cohen.

Indeed, you watch advertising  at home on TV or on internet for example but, don’t forget that when you go out, advertising is everywhere ! Every advertising panels that you will see or advertising that you will hear at the radio while you are driving without even paying attention to them, but they stay in your mind anyway. You can’t avoid them. Do this test for a day, try to notice and to count every advertising you see, believe me, this is scary !

Let’s see other example:

Did you have ever heard a song and said: “I recognize it! This is the song of Coca-Cola !!” Of course Coca is just an example, it can be any advertising you know. Did it happen that you know the song from the advertising you saw on TV before knowing the song itself? I can actually say that it happened to me many times and I am barely sure that I am not the only one in this case. This has the same effect with celebrities who are representing a brand. Brands are choosing a celebrity or a song which will pop-up to your mind when you see him/her or hear it. When I was younger my grand-mother had this big picture of Charlize Theron representing Dior, you don’t remember this picture? Don’t panic, this is the famous one:
diorAnd actually, what happened is that, my mind associated this beautiful woman walking in this gold water with the perfume “J’adore” and I learnt later that she was an actress…Ok… I was really young but it happens to many people. I am not sure that if I ask my mother, she will know who is Keira Knightley, but, if I show her a picture of her she will tell me: “Yes, I saw her on TV, she represents Chanel” Because sometimes we associate the face of a celebrity with the brand without even knowing their name. But no matter what, we will recognize to which brand he/she is working with.

This marketing technique is using by the brands to reassure people that their products are good as famous people are wearing or using it. If your favorite celebrity is wearing the latest Dior perfume, you will maybe want to try it. It also allows to be able to have an image in our mind when a certain brand is mentioned. For example, if I tell you Kinder, you will have that boy coming into your mind:


And what is funny is that you don’t even know this child! But you associate his face with the brand. Most often, brands are choosing personalities to represent them and it is often actors or actresses because they tend to inspire you.

Let’s take a famous one:


I am a hundred percent sure that you recognized the brand hiding beyond this image! Of course George Clooney is like THE Nespresso man. What comes into your mind when you see him? I’ll tell you: really classy man, smart, handsome, elegant. I know many grannies who would be able to leave their husband to be with George because he looks like the perfect  men drinking a prestigious coffee. And, that’s how people wants to look like when they are drinking their coffee. Furthermore, the brand push that experience forward as they are proposing a really prestigious service in their shop and customers feels as important as George Clooney.

Brands are using celebrities not only for their TV advertising and that’s exactly how they are playing with you ! « Even savvy, skeptical consumers who understand that stars are paid to support a product may still rely on an endorsement and buy the brand anyway », says Robert Cialdini. Indeed, this professor of psychology and marketing is right, you know it but you buy it anyway. Have you ever seen a sport game for example? When players are interviewed by journalist, they automatically highlight their clothes with the logo of a famous brand such as Nadal with Nike:


Does he really need to know what time it is while he is playing? I don’t think so, but he is wearing the latest Nike watch. So, when you go buying some sport clothes, what will you choose ? Maybe not Nike, but, you will at least think about it. And once again, it is just because you saw it on a celebrity you like.

Most of the time you are not conscious of it. That’s how brands play with your mind.

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5 Responses to How brands play with your mind ?

  1. anaellelorre says:

    Hello morganepasquier! What you say in this post is true, and I would like to add something. In today’s world, as you said we are overwhelmed by adverts and messages that come to us as consumers, and that is why companies use people like George Clooney or Rafael Nadal. People know them, associate themselves to them, like them and especially want to look like them. They are influencers and allow to establish the relationship between us and the brands.

  2. anneruok says:

    Hey morganepasquier. First of all, they doesn’t have to be GRANNIES who would leave their husbands to be with George Clooney. 😉 Just kidding, a good text! It is true that brands uses celebrities to have visibility to their products. In the era of a social media, this has blown massively. Think about the time how quickly for example Adidas can reach millions and millions of followers just by sending a pair of its “hype” sneakers to few social media celebrities – and suddenly every teenager wants them! I think product’s positioning is more effective when some celebrity casually wears a branded product in their everyday activities than traditional advert, at least to social media -generation.

  3. verabelinskaya says:

    I liked the way you approached your topic with. I have to say I am myself very much affected especially by the social media content I see. For example, I recently purchased a watch and then saw how of the popular YouTubers had the same watch in her styling video. I must say I was very proud and happy that I already owned a watch like her because I like her and her style and see her as a sort of a style role model. This kind of advertising is growing enormously with the increase of digital content and we should all remember to think of the reason why we are buying something. I once went into a store and wanted to purchase a product from Anastasia that I did not even need and it was quite expensive just because I saw a girl on Instagram say that she really likes it.

  4. mherr96 says:

    Hey morganepasquier! I find your post really interesting, it is true that advertising is everywhere and seeing celebrities wearing a prestigious brand will make us, at least, think about buying it. It is funny, in a way, what you said about recognizing the brand just because of who appears there and it reminded me of when I was younger… I used to play with my sister and my dad while watching TV and see who was the fastest guessing the brand… we needed less than 3 seconds to know it. It is really crazy the effect it has in our brains!

  5. janetfredekind says:

    Hey @morganepasquier, wow I did take you suggestion into consideration of counting the amount of advertisement I see a day. I have to say that, I knew that there are a lot of advertisements we come across every day, but there were far more then I thought there would be. We a practically being bombarded. Thank you for that, it opened my eyes a little more. I really like your bolg post because you speak about something so relatable. It is indeed clever of brands to take brand ambassadors that every generation can recognise and remember. I know it from my own parents that when I speak about an actor/actress by mentioning the name, thy have no clue what I am talking about but when I mention the advertisement they are in, I can literally see the coin drop. So thank you again for your blog post, it has been my pleasure to read it.
    P.S.: Why is Nadal wearing a watch? — this is crazy.

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