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Bildergebnis für golden apple rotten middle
Boys and girls, women and men all over the world use make up on a daily basis to cover up minor imperfections, mental trauma and even “ugly-ness” – but what is ugly?
The cosmetic industry taught us over the years that make up can be used to enhance our beauty but also change ourselves and lately it seems as though people tend to camouflage behind it
“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”
– Kahlil Gibran
Thank you Gibran, words spoken true, yet nowadays it seems that the will of looking impeccable has magnetised so much attention that some people might call this an addiction.
The cosmetic industry faced difficulties in last few years as the contemporary market demand quickly adapted into the pattern “survival of the quickest”. Like Gladiators on the battlefield, the hunt for new techniques and formulas quickly arose that even established brands had to adapt and amend their brand management and image to maintain their positive brand equity.  A good product is not the only thing you need to survive in this industry, people have emotional needs  and seek certain lifestyles that they ideally satisfy when purchasing a product, also they should be able to acknowledge the specific product from all the other products on the shelf, therefore packaging has won an important role to how well your company performs. If your customers like to look pretty, then they like to buy pretty things…
…a concept MAC is a great implementor of.
normal packaging                                                                limited edition

Bildergebnis für mac lipsticksBildergebnis für mac lipsticks with special packaging

New brands in this industry have it easier if they have a famous ambassador which people see as a role model or associate with your brand. However, that might only be an advantage for the entrance to this market sooner or later if your idea is successful all the other brands will copy this idea and make it theirs.
If you guys liked this topic check out the link of a female entrepreneur that was brave enough to take a step into this industry:

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6 Responses to Beauty • Brands • Beginners

  1. meliskirmizi says:

    Hi, @janetfredekind It is sad and true. Nowadays almost every cosmetic brand have “limited edition” collection and those products are generally more expensive than the normal product. Even it is same formulation, only change is packaging, they add a signature of a popular singer and there you go “limited edition”. Many of us are ready to pay more to feel special it is all about psychology. Of course marketers are conscious of our weak spot and they play it right.

    • janetfredekind says:

      Hey thank you for the comment yeah you are absolutely right it is sad but hey at least we know that companies know what they do and it is smart. To be fair if anyone would actually think twice about their purchase they would realise how many times a day they get caught in those psychology webs.

  2. ackemi says:

    Hi! I really like your blog. The title itself is very interesting and of course the content too. It is sad but true that these cosmetic products are becoming a necessity to some women to lift their confidence up but on the other side, some other women might not need it. Personally speaking, this trend is caused by the society. Our society has become very judgemental of other people without thinking of their well-being. Some women use it as a tool to be confident enough to walk around the city, some just do it for the addiction of being “beautiful” and maybe, some does it just to be on the trend. Who knows? but one thing is for sure. It should not be a big deal as long as the person uses it makes him/her happy. Lastly, yes, I agree on the statement that still, true beauty is found on the inside not on the outside but we should admit that most of us look on the outside at first before looking through the inside of a person. Thank you for your beautiful blog post!

  3. verabelinskaya says:

    Your blog was very interesting and I like some of the issues you have raised. However I like that the competition and the market is so high because it makes the brands “fight” for the best quality and service which is good for us, the customers. Also, the same goes with the more organic and safe products, cruelty free etc. I believe if the competition and market wasn’t the same we would still be using some products with dangerous ingredients and would not be as aware of the content. I agree that make up has become more of an obsession and identity for some but we are able to make choices from a big variety which is good.

  4. malvinabelle says:

    I really appreciated your article and introduced other writers was a good idea to illustrate your words! And unfortunately these event didn’t happened only on make up market. Nowadays everything is focus on appearances but what’s about the real effect on our skin? What’s about the composition of our make up? I found some components that are used in lot of cosmetics thtat are really dangerous for our health: Petrolatum, Diethanolamine, Triethanolamine and other carcinogenic components… Now I know that I will be vigilant of the composition so I will try to buy for the first time some bio cosmetics. I clicked thanks to your article, thank you.

  5. morganepasquier says:

    That’s a really good blog post which put the light on our consumer society. I would like to go back to what you said about packaging. I think this is our main weakness and I am now talking as a consumer. Sometimes, I’m not even conscious about it, but if you propose me two identical products with a different packaging I will always choose the one that I find prettier even if it’s a bit more expensive. And that’s true even more in the cosmetics industry. Luxurious cosmetics brands understood it well as their packaging are pretty well thought. When a brand launch a limited edition, people are willing to buy it because you feel so unique, you are ready to put more money in it just because it’s limited and because the packaging differs from the other products.

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