Brand New World

As of today, we can sense an assumption that each country in the world has a fixed role; developed high-income countries with sophisticated infrastructures and intellectual property are the leaders in design and research, middle-income countries have a wide manufacturing base and they work as a source of cheap labour, and then comes the third world as supplier of raw material. Variety exists of course, but in a simplified scale this seems to be the case.

While the global marketplace is formed from the input of every country, the richer countries are the ones winning and gaining the profits, and one of the contributing factors are brands.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle farming china

”The brand effect is one of the ways in which the countries which had already generated great wealth through trade and empire-building in the previous three or four centuries have managed to become richer still during the last hundred years.”

– Simon Anholt, Brand New Justice

In his book titled Brand New Justice” Simon Anholt presents a theory of using brand building as a way for poorer countries to acquire wealth suggesting that with a well-managed national brand strategy, a country can make a real difference to its long-term prospects. This requires the government to support and enrich the communication between the country and the rest of the world about the exported brands.

For less developed countries this could provide a valid method of improving the ruling economic conditions, provided that the branding process is emphazised and carried out properly. This strategy would require a long timespan and enough focused resources to happen, most likely one of the reasons why it is not yet utilised fully. Still, this would be one of the most affordable ways of creating a brand new world where wealth is distributed more equally.


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One Response to Brand New World

  1. janetfredekind says:

    Hey @oskarili.
    Firstly, I really like your blog post, because you went a bit deeper in terms of the subject branding. I also like how you are stating your opinion on this subject and I admire your postivity towards that matter. Beside the branding on that matter I think it will be far more difficult for third world countries to step up in the world. Unfortunately, our world can only work when someone is pulling the shorter straw. “Where is win, there is loss”. Every country that is now a first world country went through the same process of a society of agriculture to industrialisation to a service focused society. However, they all have to be present to build a cycle and this is why it will be difficult if every country evolves. Nevertheless I hope you are right and your positivity over powers my pessimism. Thank you for your blog post

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