Can we live without industrial farming?

I supposed that all of you know Monsanto?  Which is one, if not, the biggest company specialized in the agricultural biotechnology, based in the US. I saw recently that Bayer, which is also one of the biggest pharmaceutical company, recently bought this company for an amount of 56 billion $. And it curiously stirs my curiosity up. I decided to have a look at this company, what they were really doing and in which proportion.

And I was not disappointed…

If you are this kind of person who do his shopping in a big brand supermarket, as I am, certainly 50% of your products are link to Monsanto, by a way or an other. And you will tell me, well, why not, and what? And it means that we agreed on the way they do business, the way they are lobbying the government and the governmental authority.

I will give you a little reminder: 15 and 16 October 2016, Monsanto was prosecuted by the international court of LaHaye (Netherlands) and was accused of no less that human’s right violations, crime against humanity, ecocide, and particularly against the model of industrial farming which generate an immeasurable number of greenhouse gas, dependence of the farmers who cannot avoid the pesticide after using them only once because of industrial pressure and unfair pressure on the government and regulation authority.

So even if every person or entity which is accused have the right at the presumption of innocence, we know and a lot of articles were written about the subject, that the products that this company use and sell, literally are killing people.

Why this post? Because I’m definitely convince that if all of us were aware of this kind of situation (and there is a lot of other battles, for the environment and the human rights), we wouldn’t let them act like this. How? In paying attention to what we buy. You can easily find a list of the products or company link to Monsanto.

I know already, like you do, that the planet is in exponential expansion and that we must be able to feed every single person, but there is a lot of alternatives, like the permaculture.

Here is a link explaining the permaculture :

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3 Responses to Can we live without industrial farming?

  1. maximefr85 says:

    I find that what you say is very interesting but in a sense it must all alert us to the current situation of large groups of chemicals. I had an internship in the large BASF chemistry group, and I can say that this kind of intensive farming is unfortunately not about to stop. They seek profit by all means, even if the health of consumers is questioned. I also agree that we need collective awareness to make a difference.

  2. ronanfiacre says:

    Hi ! Thank you for your post as it will make more people aware of this problem ! I know about Monsanto and what they’re doing… Have you heard that they merged with Bayer which is a pharmaceutic firm? Basically what it means is that Monsanto will create our future illness and Bayer will create the drugs to cure them. I agree with you we should all be more careful on what we buy… The permaculture can be a solution ! Thanks again for your post !

  3. seunghh says:


    Very good post to raise awareness about how bad Monsanto is for everyone. They indeed care very little about quality of the food, people on the end of the supply chain, enviromental damage and so on. Scientifically we have been warned about multiple unknown side effects of the ”food” consumed, well the food that has been genetically modified like in Monsanto. I am very happy that you made a post about this, and I hope it will raise awareness that people should eat natural and organic food, we definetly do not need Monsanto. Also it is worth noting that it is completely banned in EU area for it does not meet the regulations of EU.

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