From product to experience

When talking about a brand, most of us would probably relate it to a design, a logo and its product/service. But what makes companies like Nike or Apple different from their competitors ? And how are they even able to set a higher price while still attracting more and more customers ? That’s all about experience.

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO.

Indeed, the most successful companies are those who, beyond simply selling a product or a service, are offering an experience. They represent a lifestyle for people who recognize themselves in the values shared. They aspire and bring the branding to a completely different level by giving more value to their customers, instead of only doing so to their product.

A great example of a company offering a unique customer experience is Red Bull. How does the energy drink company managed to stand out from the crowd ? While most of its competitors built their strategies focusing on the product and the price, Redbull decided to bet on the experience given to its customers. Not only do they sell a product but they also sell and above all an idea, and an experience. Through all their sponsored events such as space diving and extreme sports, this is the company’s philosophy which is shared : the pursuit of extremepushing oneself to the limits. Red Bull turned a simple energy drink into a global entertainment brand.


Red Bull Stratos : Space diving project in which involving Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner who broke the record of highest altitude jump with a final altitude of 38,969km (14 October 2012)

Therefore, one may wonder what makes a brand more powerful than another one. Should companies continue to only meet the demand with a simple core product, as the traditional and outdated way of doing, or should they try to exceed the demand by offering a real and unique experience towards customers ?

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2 Responses to From product to experience

  1. anze24 says:

    Hi plassardv. To answer your question, they should definitely try to exceed the demand by offering a real and unique experience towards customers. Just if i look from my point of view. Why will i in the end always choose Nike or Apple before other? Because of the whole story, environment and experience they give to me. It is unique and i love to be part of it.

  2. morganepasquier says:

    Really interesting article and I completely agree with anze24, brands should exceed the demand by offering a real & unique experience. Me, as a consumer, I tend to really appreciate to feel considered and to live a real experience. When I enter into an Apple store (to take your example), I love the purchase experience, it’s different from the other stores. I can pay via my iPhone without having to see a salesperson if I buy something like a case or EarPods. I don’t loose time and if I want to make a bigger purchase like a new computer, the service is really great, they really try to understand my needs and to suggest me the product which will fit my expectations. I feel like I’m part of their “Apple family”.

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