Japan; A country where almost everything is interesting!

What comes into your mind when you hear the word Asia? Chinese people?, Japanese people or Korean people or maybe rice? How about Japan? Do you think about anime, sushi or manga when you hear the word Japan?

        Japan being the “cute”, “cool” and “hip” Japan have become a serious thing for the Japanese government. They used this technique to touch the hearts of every foreigner as possible and so far, they succeeded in making Japan very famous in terms of different things. Japanese people also came to a point where Japan lost in the war, they worked hard for Japan to rise again and as we can see today, it did and is an independent and sufficient country today (Lam, 2007).


        Have you heard about the Olympic Games that is going to be held in Japan this coming 2020? Have a look at the video where they advertise Japan for the 2020 Olympics and in this video, they pretty much summarized all the things that we can see in Japan. All the historic temples, touristy places and of course the ever beautiful cherry blossom season which foreigners should not miss when visiting Japan. We also have the major theme parks in the world which are the Universal studios and Disney Land and Sea! It might be an island-like country but it is very rich in a lot of aspects. Technology, history, arts, culture and it is even one of the richest countries despite losing in the world war two. So what are you waiting for? When you think of visiting Asia, Japan might be an interesting place for you to visit.

*If you are interested on checking the video Japan prepared for the Olympics, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIFXXYAsJRU and here is also the article I found about Japan’s soft power,  Lam, P. E. (2007). Japan’s quest for “soft power”: attraction and limitation. East Asia, 24(4), 349-363.


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10 Responses to Japan; A country where almost everything is interesting!

  1. haenakim says:

    Interesting post! I have not been to Japan even though I live very close to Japan. This post made me want to go travel Japan more. Thanks! and as Korean, congratulations for holding the Olympic Games in Japan. And i got impression from the video you uploaded. good!

    • ackemi says:

      Thank you! I would like to visit South Korea someday! I will definitely try kimchi and bibimbap. I think Korea is also a very beautiful place. Thank you for watching the video! I think the video I posted pretty much summarizes Japan and I should share it to other people.

  2. anneruok says:

    Hey Ackemi. I’ve never visited to Japan but it is definitely one my bucket-list destinations. I’ve been to many destinations in Asia; Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore; but none of these countries are similar in my perception to Japan. I went to Taipei in Taiwan once, and that was the experience I could imagine Japan would be like, Taipei for me was a miniature Tokyo. After seeing the movie Lost in Translation I cannot wait to explore your beautiful yet so odd culture of Japan!

    • ackemi says:

      That’s interesting to know that you have been to quite of places in Asia! I’d love to do the same when I get back to Asia since I did not have any chance before coming here to Finland. Japan would be a very good place to visit for food, beautiful sceneries and a lot of historic places! I am actually half Japanese and Philippines! How was your trip to Philippines? was it nice? I’d love to hear more of your stories next time.

  3. meliskirmizi says:

    hi @ackemi I think nation branding is a new discipline and a very complex phenomenon. Japanese government and also people made a great job of creating a brand of themselves and the country of course. When I think about Japan always cute things come to my mind (YAY Sailor Moon!!) Also, lately I hear lot about Japanese technology and education. In the past, I was thinking it is very close country but nowadays I see that it is presenting itself to outside very nicely.

    • ackemi says:

      Yes! I think that way too. Because of Japanese people’s will to rebuild Japan’s society after the war, they made it not only stand up from failure but they strived more and made Japan how it is now. I am very happy with all the things we have in Japan and I should say it is a very good place to visit. Japan would be glad to have a visitor like you!

  4. mherr96 says:

    Hey Ackemi. Thank you for your post. I really like reading about your country and its culture as it is very different from Spain. I am happy that your country is holding the next Olympic Games. I learned a lot from you this year, and with this post and the video, I am really thinking about going to visit Japan someday. I hope I can also go to the Philippines 😉

  5. maximefr85 says:

    Hi Ackemi ! I would like to go to Japan. Here in France, Japan is a truly trendy country. More and more young people are interested to go there. That is thanks your really different culture which seems totally crazy but so benevolent. Thank you for this post.

  6. ronanfiacre says:

    Hi Ackemi ! I don’t know anything about Japan but it’s true that when I think about the Japanese people I think that they are cute and nice ! Your post made want to go to japan and discover this culture. The video and the information you provided are super nice ! Maybe I’ll go there for the Olympic Games or come to visit you 😉 Thanks for your post !

  7. janetfredekind says:

    Hey @ackemi! I really enjoyed reading your post. To be honest I have two very different pictures of Japan in my head. First I think about Mangas, Sushi, Yuzuru Hanyu and the Olympic games 2020 but also about the pain Japan went through. I remember the news as if it was yesterday about the Fukushima disaster. I am happy that Japan was so successful with building their countries brand so well. Even though Japan is “only” an island, many different, nice and famous things come from there and that only strengthens my opinion that the culture is rich and the people are strong and very respectful. Thank you for your post and see you in 2020.

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