Korean Dessert ‘Choco-pie’s ‘Affection’ Marketing

How many people who are with Korean nationality have not eaten ‘Choco-pie’? My answer is nobody. Choco-pie, which first came out in 1974, has sold 9 billion pieces in korea, reaching cumulative sales of more than eight billions euros to date. This means that as many as one hundred ninety pieces were eaten per person. Orion Choco-pie ‘Affection’, which has been loved by people from many parts of the world for a lot of years, is still in a leading position in competition with numerous similar brands. This is thanks to Orion Choco-pie ‘Affection marketing’ that has attracted attention as a successful marketing case.


초코파이 정에 대한 이미지 검색결과                    초코파이 정에 대한 이미지 검색결과

It is not too much to say that the key of successful marketing is to catch the brand keyword well enough to say ‘Choco-pie’ = ‘Affection’. Actually, Orion which is the korean brand advertises calm and touching messages in everyday single life. Here is the link you can watch about that. https://youtu.be/ygEK-JIGoL4

In 2014, this advertisement embodied the daily life of ordinary people in a story format adding an even more emotional appeal with an warm narration and expressed Choco-pie as “comfort” rather than just snack, or “mind” toward the others. It used emotional marketing to stimulate the hearts of people who see the ads. Especially, as there is a saying like the formula that Choco-pie gives a lot of power to the soldiers, the advertisement made the brand image more firm by putting the soldiers’ scene first. The vice president at the time said that the word ‘affection’ is our own word, which is not in English, and i encourage you to try hard so that  it will be listed as “affection = choco-pie” in the oxford dictionary in the future. And I don’t know what this is about overseas, but it has been realized to some extent in korea. Compared with other brands, it has an excellent taste basically, but it has succeeded in strengthening their brand image by applying the most korean image, “affection”.

The Orion choco-pie succeeded in putting one impressive word on consumers with the principle of concentration in this way. In addition this, most recen초코파이 정에 대한 이미지 검색결과tly, Chuseok, one of korean traditional holidays, sold Choco-pie sets and chose a strategy to connect the holidays with affection. The price is cheaper than for example, a set of fruits and tuna, but it showed an impressive marketing in the niche of the futures market with the meaning that it can convey warmth.




Study on Narrative-Based Value Creation in TV Advertisement for Brand Image Improvement – 

Focusing on Advertisements of Bacchus, Chocopie, Hot Choco Mitte, and Kumon Home-school 
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4 Responses to Korean Dessert ‘Choco-pie’s ‘Affection’ Marketing

  1. ariannalosano says:

    Hi! I have never heard about this product before and for me it looks strange that it is connected to soldiers! Which is your personal opinion about this choco-pie? Are you really afftected to it??

  2. verabelinskaya says:

    What a great post Haena! Actually Choco-pie is very famous in Russia and I used to eat it all the time when I was a kid. The brand is related to families and homes in Russia and it was advertised as each piece being packed in a separate pack so that you can take it to school and think of your family or share it with friends and siblings, take it to picnics, etc. I also agree that the quality of the product is also very good because the taste was enough to make you addicted and eat more than you should, even now when I go back to visit Russia I always buy it as it is one of my favorite childhood treats.

  3. Foss says:

    Hey Haena! I love chocolate! But I never heard of this brand. Can you buy it in Finland to? I am curious now. It is interesting to see that the brand uses this ‘affection’ strategy. And, as Arianna mentioned before, it is surprising that this treat is connected with soldiers as well. Do you think this is a good way to brand a product? And is this the only branding they did?

  4. morganepasquier says:

    When I saw your title, I couldn’t not read your blog post ! I have known Chocopie when I was in Vietnam for a humanitarian mission and I completely fell in love with it ! I never heard about this product before, I didn’t find it in France… that’s too bad. And actually that’s one of my memory from Vietnam, it can seem really strange but when I see a picture of it, it remember me the beautiful experience I lived in Vietnam. So, I would say that it have this “affection power” on me. I didn’t know about their advertising but you allowed me to learn something !

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